05 Sounds to pronounce ‘A’ correctly – Accent & English Pronunciation Lesson.

05 Sounds to pronounce ‘A’ correctly – Accent & English Pronunciation Lesson.

Hi my name is Emmelda. I will be your new
trainer. I know, few people find it very difficult to pronounce my name. So I am going to break
it and make it simple for you. Concentrate on three letters M as in mother, L as in leema
and D as in Delta. or rather concentrate on the sounds. m-l-da. Emmelda. My dear espaneol
amigos please do not call me imelda. I am not imelda but I am Emmelda. Does my name
tell you about the lesson I am going to teach? I am going to talk about sounds. A is the
most versatile alphabet in English. A lot of people think A, what’s a big deal? Its
A after all, I am going to have a glass of water or I am going to America or I accept
or I dance. No, you are not going to dance. You are going to dance. You are going to America.
Getting confused, I am going to clarify it for you.
Make it very simple. I m going to make it very simple. So let’s get started. I am
going to talk about the alphabet A and how we use it in various word in English and how
the change in the sound of A changes the meaning of the word. So listen carefully. The first
sound is UH. Now do you say this word as another or an-other? Is it America or Am-e-rica? Is
it uh-c-knowledge
or ac-knowledge? Another America acknowledge. It’s a another America acknowledge. The
uh is so soft that you would practically drop this sound. Just treat it this way;Nother,
merica, c-knowledge. its another, america acknowledge. I acknowledge that Merica is
nother country. The only exception to this another or when you drop the sound is when
you precede a word with a vowel ending, which means like to, you me, she, we. Whenever you
use such words, then you have to make this sound a little prominent. Please, it’s only
a little prominent; it’s not aa-nother. It’s another. So any time you say I went
to another country, I went to another country. I went to America. I which is a vowel sound
acknowledge I acknowledge. I acknowledge. No you are going way too fast. I acknowledge.
Let the other person give minute or get a minute to understand what you are trying to
say because when you talk too fast or when you mix two sounds, the other person or the
person you are talking to may not really understand. be a little slow, especially when you are
talking about two vowel sounds together. I acknowledge. Moving on to our next sound.
AA. Notice my jaw. See how big my jaw drops aa. As it is I have a very big mouth so can
actually make a very big sound. aa. For those who have very small mouth like oo-ah. Just
open your mouth aa. D-aa-nce. Its D aance. It’s Dance. P-aa-st.Ch-aa-nce. chance. Americans
speak Dance, Past, chance, last. Well, that’s not wrong, the truth about accent training
is accent is very personal to many countries. they will have a tendency to pronounce things
differently and they will be coping their consonants sounds in English. And Dance, past,
chance is not wrong, especially if you are in America. However, if you want to have a
neutralise accent and you want majority of the people in the group or in the class room.
Its class room and not claes room, to understand you, you have to, I would recommend you to
use this sound. AA dance, past, chance, last castle, part, parcel..so its dance past chance.
Lets make it a sentence. Last night I had a chance to dance in a party. Last night I
had a chance to dance in a party. Ok so chance past dance. Moving on to the third one. Ae
its ‘ae’ sound like aeae. So it’s mat. M-a-t. This sound will be M-ae-t. Do you remember
few other words with similar sound. You may have learnt with or when you were starting
to learn English. Mat, pat, rat, cat, bat. You see, its m-at. Moving on to more complex
words, it will be accept, its accept, Annie. Please do not do or don not pronounce the
name as AAnie or A-ny. Do that girl a favor. Do not pronounce her name as AAnie or A-ny.
It’s Annie. Unless Annie wants to call you as Any. It’s Annie. The next word will be
snack..Its snack. Please be very careful. Its snack. It’s not snaack. snack. The A
has very very different sound. Snack. That’s ae sound. Aye sound. Fate. It’s F a te its
not fart its fate and not fat if you say fate as fat you are changing the meaning. my fate
or my fat. Fate f-ate snake.snake and not snack. Snake snack it’s different. Ok, there
is something really cool that I want to share and its one of my cutest memory of me flying
to different countries. Once I was flying to US as a passenger and I was sitting was
feeling very hungry. I guess I believe a lot people were feeling hungry at the same time
so the lady sitting next to me presses the call bell and there’s a flight attendant
who comes over and hear the lady request. Madam, I want some snake to eat. Oh! sorry
what. Madam, give me some snake to eat na. Please snake. Oh mam, I am sorry, but we are
serving pork and fish for lunch. We don’t have snakes, sorry. Oh no no madam, I am a
vegetarian I want a vegetarian snake. My dear flight attendant was so confused. She had
such expressions on her face, So I got the attendant’s attention… and said the lady
wants some snack please. Oh snack oh yeah sure , why not, just give me a couple of minutes
and the flight attendant went away and the dear passenger sitting next to me she says.
You see immigrants they don’t understand English well you know. Right, absolutely,
you speak like that. Everybody is going to understand English. So it is snack and not
snake. I want vegetarian snake. No body wants vegetarian snake; snake can not be vegetarian
even if you have it. It’s snack. So be very careful of this sound. Ae-Aye. It’s like
aye. So its fate, snake, April. This is one word which people confuse A-pril. It’s not
Uh-pril, or not uh-preylits not ae-pril. April its April. And this my friends is Annie. No
it’s not annie, it’s any. This word is different than this word and this is I say
if you change the way A is pronounced in different words you actually can change the meaning
of the word. This is Annie and this is any like anything. You can give me anything. You
can give me anything, I am feeling very hungry. You can give me anything. Moving on my favourite
sound, Aww. I love this sound. This sound makes me feel so good. Any time I see a child…or
a baby or a dog or a kitten or a puppy or anything which is so cute and so adorable…
Anything I see adoarable, I automatically say Aww I want one. Yeah that’s what I say
but aww is used in many words and this poor little AWW pronounced very differently really
sorry to say it’s actually mispronounced in many words in many parts of the world.
It’s Aww, just feel sorry for the word. aww. So this word is water it’s not vaater…its
water its talk, let me talk you into this. It’s Paul. Oh he is another guy I feel,
a lot of people mispronounce his name. He is Paul and not Paaul. or Pal Hello Pal!.
It’s not pal its Paul. Do this guy a favor call him correctly. Paul. Hey Paul! Come over
here.. Paul did you have an awesome weekend last night. I heard you did. Yeah! I had awesome
weekend. I had a rocking time. So it’s Aww. Water Talk Paul Awesome. Now how do you feel
about this lesson? You feel awesome. I am sure you do. Lets do a quick recap. Its Uh,
AA, Ae, Aye, Aww… if you come across few other words and you are not really sure of
how to pronounce them, please leave a comment and I will be more than happy to help you.
And if you like this lesson you have to leave a compliment, it’s not a comment but it’s
a compliment. And if you really like this lesson, please ask all your friends to join
in more of the videos because this is very important. You get your A’s straight, a lot
of words you will be able to pronounce correctly and lot of people can understand you very
clearly or rather even more clearly. Until I come with my next video, please have some
awesome time with your awesome friends. Till then see you ba-bye

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