10 hours womb sounds / Baby Einschlaf-Hilfe (Mutterleibs-Geräusche)

10 hours womb sounds / Baby Einschlaf-Hilfe (Mutterleibs-Geräusche)

Help your baby get to sleep! This video features a relaxed heartbeat with 60 beats per minute and bubbling stream sounds. Most of the white noise clips I found on youtube sounded too artifical, so I decided to build a more realistic one. It works best with your hi-fi system or TV, because most laptop speakers / telephones / tablets don’t have enough bass to play the very low heartbeat. Hope it helps! 🙂
Good night!

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  1. Argh Ewan's batteries have died! 2 week old twins haven't let me sleep all night. This is my last resort before sending them back (jks)!!!
    Update: 5 mins in… one twin has gone quiet but I'm too scared to look and check of they're asleep or just chillin
    Update2: they're both still awake 8 mins in.
    Update3: hiccups have claimed my twin 2. All hope is lost.
    Update4: 11 mins in, both twins still awake.
    Update 5: another 4 mins in and one twin is asleep! The other still has hiccups. Oh scrap that, 'sleeping' twin is now definitely not sleeping.

  2. While rocking a baby, have one of their ears against your chest and cup the other ear with your hand. Gently sway. Works every time.

  3. This is amazing! My son is 10months old and we just discovered it. After his night bottle and 2minutes in he falls asleep in my arms. No tears or fighting sleep like he use to do before this. Next baby, we will use from day 1 God willing.

  4. PLEASE do not have any audible advertising!!! Do you have any idea how frustrating that is. We reach for this brilliant useful video that really helps with baby's sleep, only to get loudly talked at by an advert that wakes baby up. Sure fire way to stop us playing this video and go searching for an alternative.

  5. Guys I agree – I’m having advertisements for Hugo boss aftershave blasting out of my phone at 4am when I just want the sound effect! Please get a grip on this! Put up a patron donation link and I’ll pay – happily – but the adverts are an, ill thought out addition

  6. Ich glaube wirklich das es hilft.. Meine kleine 10 Tage alt hatte solche Probleme mit dem Einschlafen, hab das hier laufen lassen,.. Hat zwar auch etwas gedauert aber um einiges schneller als sonst 😜 hoffen wir mal das es kurzzeitig so bleibt

  7. My baby was screaming from the top of her lungs while seated on her carseat.. I put this on and connect it to car’s speaker. It didn’t even take 5 mins before the crying stopped and she fell asleep! Crazy.

  8. I don’t understand why you had to put ads in there. When I’m trying to put my baby to sleep I use this and I have to turn it down for the ads then turn it back up so he can go to sleep.

  9. This is amazing. 4 month old in sleep regression. Daytime naps are saved. Just the adverts noooo. But you gotta get paid I guess.

  10. Womb Sounds(🎵🎶)
    Breast Milk(From The Tap🤱🏾)
    Happy Sleeping 2 Month Old👶🏽…..My Son Was Comatose After 3 Minutes Of This Formula He Was Out Like A Light ….Thank You

  11. I didn’t think this actually worked literally within a minute he went to fussing and fighting his sleep to knocked out

  12. This is amazing. My six week old was so tired and screaming. Within 5 seconds of playing he shut his eyes and hasn’t opened them to fight sleep. Usually he closes his eyes then pops them right back open. And we’re 4 minutes in. I’m blown away. Thank you!!!!!!

  13. Mein Sohn hört den Sound seit er 14 tage alt ist, 4 Monate ist er jetzt schon. Es ist eine wundervolle Entspannung, der Kleine, kommt super schnell in seine Mitte. Mit Bluetoothbox ist der Herzschlag so toll zuhören, das er sehr schnell sehr ruhig und ausgeglichen ist. Ganz wundervoll! Vielen Dank für diese tolle Möglichkeit 💙

  14. Really? Was it this noisy in my mom’s womb?..no wonder I grew up to be this jittery!! How could I relax?? The heart beat is insane!,, also, was there some wind draft?..

  15. This is seriously my favourite video on YouTube. My son is going through a leap, he’s so fussy, fights sleep, and super squirming when it’s bed time. I play this and not even a minute later hes sleeping.

  16. I've been using the 30 minute one for a while then I found this one.. Helps me nearly two year old and I sleep to it also.. I can't sleep without it now and I'm in my 30's lol

  17. Fantástico 😄 A minha menina acalma tanto e adormece bem tranquila!! Tem alturas que adormecemos os três (pai, mãe e bebé) !!
    Aconselho a todos os que estejam a passar por fases complicadas com os bebés… Em qualquer altura tranquiliza o ambiente!! Obrigada 🌻

  18. My one month old daughter have severe gas problem. I tried infacol drops but it did not work. Now I started gripe water but still it's same.she cries all night. Do anyone know what should I do ??

  19. My baby is now 5 months old and it still has a sleeping effect on her. Been using these sounds from day one literally.

  20. oh bless this video! finally found something to calm my super-curious-never-wanting-to-sleep-little-baby-boy, he just closes his eyes and smiles and falls a sleep! here come the good times!

  21. This has been a lifesaver! Knocks my baby out in 2 minutes or less, even when she’s over tired and cranky. Thank you!!

  22. We used this video with my sweet boy while he was in the hospital for seizures. We played it while he had to get an IV and instead of screaming and thrashing, he went to sleep. Hes so used to hearing it at bedtime that anytime its played, he goes to sleep. The nurses said he was the calmest baby in peds

  23. These adds wake my precious new born every time ugh please remove them again. This is so helpful to us I use it multiple times a day.

  24. Bought this on amazon and have it on replay all night ! I love it because I can listen to it without any internet and doesn’t use as much of my battery as YouTube would!!

  25. Today is day 1 of using this on my 1 month old baby..he calm down within 5-7 min.. and now fast asleep.. I hope he will be asleep when I put him in crib 😉 ..
    Thank you for uploading this.. may God bless u with all the happiness and success of world and hereafter.
    I'll keep updating the progress of my baby

  26. 🧀 and 🍚 with the upbeat, drumbeat mattress ad with loud voiceover? Ads are fine yo but I thought you were screening them for noisiness. I've got a sleeping baby here!

  27. Thank you. I have buyed it @ amazon music. This Sound helps our little baby Girl to Fall in a deep sleep. Now where not longer "Zombie Parents". Stay tuned

  28. I have use this on my niece. That only way she will calm down and go to sleep 😴. I just put it on five minutes ago and she already sleep

  29. Thank you so much I have tried everything from nursing to rocking still nothing I put this on at 312am my month old is sucking his thumb mellowing out really does work

  30. Wtf?? My 4 week old just went straight to sleep after being fussy and waking up every 2 minutes for 1 hour.

    Now… when should I start reducing the use of this crutch?

  31. This video is a life saver my 4 week old fights her sleep and I heard the it claims them to hear sounds from the womb and I put this on and right away she goes to sleep and I put her in her bassinet without waking her 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 thank you so much!!!!!

  32. This is really a life saver.. my 2 wks old son falls asleep within 5 mins when he hears this. Every nite I put this for him and it really works best.. Thank you ❤️❤️

  33. I put this on for my newborn son at the time. It always helped. Now 8mo, restlessness, teething, etc and he went right to sleep within minutes!! Thank you ❤

  34. Played this for my son when he was
    newborn and stopped around when he
    was five months. I was curious to see if my now ten month old would still sleep to this. Five minutes in and he’s asleep in my arms. ♡

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