America’s Most Musical Family Celebrates David Dobrik’s Birthday! 🎂 | Backstage at AMMF

America’s Most Musical Family Celebrates David Dobrik’s Birthday! 🎂 | Backstage at AMMF

– Okay. – Oldest to youngest, how about? – Okay, yeah that sounds good. Okay, and then you can
go octaves or whatever. (singing together) – ♪ Hello, hello,
hello, hello, hello… ♪ – ♪ Hello! ♪
(sings out of key) – He’s the lead singer,
he’s supposed to be the one singing today.
(strums guitar) – Let’s try again, ready? (lighthearted percussion music) – Poor Sophie, she was
coughing all night, last night. – I didn’t feel
bad keeping them up because I was in bed
just, coughing my – Lungs
Yeah, lungs out. And it was just the worst. – But, you’ll be fine. (Sophie coughs) – About, ten years ago
when we first started before we had to perform on TV, actually I had Laryngitis. (“I had Laryngitis” echoes) – Yeah, we were on,
when we got started on a show and one of those weeks we were on the show,
she lost her voice and I was vomiting
downstairs in… – In their basement! – This has happened before. – Yeah, then we get on stage and no one would know ‘cuz like
– Right. we just performed it. We had high energy
and no one would know that ten minutes before Jenny was vomiting and
Jesse had no voice. (upbeat music) – Even though a few of
us are under the weather, we’re feeling positive,
we’re feeling… – I feel like it
would be even better with the energy. – Yeah, we’re going
to push through we’re going to do
the best we can ‘cuz we’re going to have fun with it. We’re still excited, still
excited, even though… – [Female Voice]
Everyone’s in good spirits. – [Male Voice] Yeah,
sickness can’t keep us down. (group laughs) – Hey! Hey, you locked me out, come on! I’m in the group, remember? – [Male Voice] Everyone’s
in their underwear. – Yeah, it’s okay. Ya know, we’re family. (claps hands) – So, I think that the
rehearsal went great. I worked on
everything yesterday. – [Male Voice] I think
we did a really good job. I’m excited because
we’re going to do really, really good
and I’m excited to show everyone what we can do. – Yeah, I’m excited
to actually do it. We practiced it many, many times and now it’s time to actually, let’s do it, right? – This is like
rockstar times, just… (mimics rocket launching sound) (high energy rock music) – One, two… ♪ Brother let me
be your shelter ♪ ♪ Never leave you all alone ♪ – It’s an honor
and it’s a blessing to just be able to
do this together. They sang at church,
on bible study night, Wednesday nights and
then we just started as a family. Their dad did a
jingle for Popeye’s. They were in a
competition to come up with a jingle and
he did that and they won the contest. And so, we’ve just been
singing ever since. – One, two, three, four… (slow guitar music) ♪ Found you when your
heart was broke ♪ ♪ I filled your cup
until it overflowed ♪ ♪ Took it so far
to keep you close ♪ – She’s always singing! – All over the house.
– I mean I don’t care if it’s in the middle of the
night, she’s in a bathroom, you hear her singing
and we all laugh. – I sing all day, every day! ♪ And if they laugh,
then f’em all ♪ – I never thought
I would be in this position right now,
ya know, on TV. I never thought
that would happen. I’m really thankful. – I mean, it’s a
different experience, we’ve never
experienced, like this, on a television show
so it’s different then what we
usually sing around. But I think that
it would be fun. – Like I don’t really
get nervous that much but like I’m hyped. We got this. ♪ Does it ever get lonely? ♪ ♪ Thinking you could
live without me ♪ ♪ Live without me ♪ ♪ Baby, I’m the one
who put you up there ♪ ♪ I don’t know why,
I don’t know why ♪ (country guitar music) – [Female Voice] Do you
feel like a celebrity with all of these cameras? – Yes. – If anybody in the
family will be a celebrity, it will be Chelsea. – [Female Voice] What
would she be famous for? – She would probably be
famous for her fashion. – I am the stylist
in the family. I organize everybody’s closets in color coordination. – On our performance, dear Lord. Just continue to help
us remember our notes, our words, to have fun
and whatever happens, happens, Dear Lord. We still trust you,
in Jesus name, Amen. Amen.
(chanting in unison) – One, two, three, snatch edges! – So, who’s in the band? – Us four. – What are your guys’s ages? – I’m 19. – 24. – I’m 17. – I’m 26. – Wow. – I just turned 17 today. – [Female Voice]
Yeah, happy birthday! – [Male Voice] Happy birthday! – He shares a birthday
with David Dobrik. – [Female Voice]
I know, I heard! – [Male French Accent] Later… (continuous drum tapping) ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ – [Male French
Accent] Meanwhile… ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday dear David ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ – Thanks guys! (cheering) now I’m embarrassed. (crowd laughing) There’s so many of them. – Thank you to everyone,
it’s really nice to be sung to instead
of having to sing. – There’s so many people here, I feel like I was just ambushed. – [Female Voice] That’s the
perfect way to start off a show. – Yeah!
(clapping) – Five minute warning,
five minutes, thank you. – [Female Voice] Alright, you
all get ready, this is it! – We ready, yeah! (singing in Spanish) (trumpet music) (singing in Spanish) (singing in Spanish) (crowd cheering) – [Male Voice] I
mean, I watched it and you guys killed it. – Thank you! In a good way, right? Everyone’s still alive? – [Male Voice]
David Dobrik looked like he was crying when
I was watching him? – What, actually? – He was.
(somber violin music) – That is our job. We make you cry,
we’ve done our job. – This is for all the
kids at Nickelodeon and at a home watching
this, we love you. ♪ I’m a sucker for you ♪ ♪ Ooh, I’m a rebel
just for kicks now ♪ ♪ You say the word and
I’ll go anywhere blindly ♪ ♪ I’m a sucker for you ♪ ♪ Ooh, I’m a rebel
just for kicks now ♪ ♪ Any road you take, you
know that you’ll find me ♪ ♪ I’m a sucker for you ♪ ♪ Ooh, I’m a rebel
just for kicks now ♪ ♪ You say the word and
I’ll go anywhere blindly ♪ ♪ I’m a sucker for you ♪ ♪ Might be over now,
but I feel it still ♪ – So, I felt like the
energy was amazing and we performed
together really well and it was fun. We did the best we
could with our vocals. – Yeah, my voice
didn’t pull through the way I wanted it to. – But I feel like
you can cover a lot with how you perform,
– Energy, your face. – And connected
with your audience, and your face, being
happy, being positive. I feel like if we
get to go through… – We can give even more.
– My sickness is gone. – We can showcase
our voices a lot more and I look forward to that. ♪ Tell me how’s it
feel sittin’ up there ♪ ♪ Feeling so high but
too far away to hold me ♪ ♪ You know I’m the one
who put you up there ♪ ♪ Name in the sky ♪ ♪ Does it ever get lonely? ♪ ♪ Thinking you could
live without me ♪ ♪ Thinking you could
live without me ♪ ♪ Baby, I’m the one
who put you up there ♪ ♪ I don’t know why (yeah,
I don’t know why) ♪ (crowd cheering) ♪ Dry lightning cracks
across the skies ♪ ♪ Those storm clouds
gather in her eyes ♪ ♪ Daddy was mean a old mister ♪ ♪ And mama was an
angel in the ground ♪ ♪ The weather man
called for a twister ♪ ♪ She prayed blow it down ♪ ♪ Shatter every window
till it’s all blown away, ♪ ♪ Every brick, every board,
every slamming door blown away ♪ – Those kids, like, they’re hype You have to bring a lot
of energy, like a lot. I saw one kid go like this,
I was like that’s so cute. That was sweet. ♪ Like a bull
chasing the matador ♪ ♪ is the man left
to his own schemes ♪ ♪ Everybody needs
someone beside ’em ♪ ♪ shining like a
lighthouse from the sea ♪ ♪ Brother, let me
be your shelter ♪ ♪ Never leave you all alone ♪ ♪ I can be the one you call ♪ ♪ When you’re low ♪ ♪ Brother, let me
be your fortress ♪ ♪ Night winds are driving on ♪ ♪ Be the one to light the way ♪ ♪ Bring you home ♪ (crowd cheering) – The first group moving
on to the next round, earning a spot in
the semi-finals is… Mathis family! (upbeat techno music) (crowd cheering) – [Male Voice] Alright! (clapping) – I know it’s hard on
him to choose one, two. Oh my, goodness! – Congrats, you guys. – Thank you, thank you. – The second band moving
on to the next round, still, with a chance
to become America’s Most Musical Family is… The Smith Kids! (crowd cheering) (upbeat techno music) – [Male Voice]
Congratulations, guys! – I think everyone
hears my scream, so… – I’m going to sit on your laps. – Yay! I sound so bad. – We made it through,
we’re going to be even stronger next
time because we’re going to feel that love. – I think it just helps
boost our confidence a little bit because
we’re able to pull it off with no voices. – We’re able to power
through and make it through even not on 100%. – Let’s give it 100%. – Yeah! – [Female Voice] Alright,
please go get changed. Leave your wardrobe here.

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  1. Yes, his birthday was in July, which was when they filmed this show. David explained in his podcast that many TV shows film all their episodes weeks in advance before they air.

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