Becky G Reveals The One Music Video She Regrets In This Sour Candy Game | Delish

Becky G Reveals The One Music Video She Regrets In This Sour Candy Game | Delish

– Never have I ever
auditioned for a different Power Ranger role. (gasping) Yo, what’s up, everybody. It’s ya girl Becky G., and I’m dared to play Suck It Up. It’s basically like Never Have I Ever. And for everything that I’ve done, I have to eat one of these sour candies. And of course, as the
questions get harder- Never have I ever regretted a music video. I can’t say this out loud. The candy gets more sour. No, I’m actually crying ’cause I’ve never admitted that out loud. The only person who knows that is my mom. (laughing) (upbeat music) Let’s do this! Never have I ever sung my
own music in the shower. ♪ Singing in the shower ♪ That’s not fair. (light music) It’s not bad. They’re gonna have to bring it. I can eat all that. – [Interviewer] Which song? – Singin’ in the Shower, duh. Never have I ever gotten drunk at Chili’s. Definitely not. I’ve gotten drunk, but not at Chili’s. Never have I ever
auditioned for a different Power Ranger role. (gasping) – [Rita] Got spunk, little yellow. – You guys got me. Nobody knows this, but I
actually had auditioned for Kimberly, as well as Trini. – I wanna be blue one. – Hey, how about one of you
guys should be the yellow one? (squealing) – I’ve never seen these in my life, what are these? I’m scared. Mm. (upbeat music) I like these. Super lemons. Random fact about me, I eat lemon with salt, so. (popping noise) That’s nothing. All right,
I’m a little bit scared about what’s to come, though. Never have I ever wished
I got to sing a song I ghost wrote. (zooming in) No. It’s always gone to
somebody that I thought was perfect for it. Actually, the song that I
did with Cher Lloyd ages ago was a song that I did in the studio, and I was just writing. ♪ I know I drive you crazy ♪ Like, at the same time as
I got signed as a artist, I got signed as a songwriter. I got my first publishing deal. I literally was in the studio
Monday through Saturday like, it was school. I would get the opportunity to write with incredible songwriters and
other producers, just collab. And I remember being in the studio, and we created the song, and
then it just kind of became what it was, and then they were like, “Yo, this could be Cher
Lloyd’s next single. And then it became her next single, ♪ My best friend, best
friend ’til the very end ♪ And then I ended up being featured on it. It just happened the
way it was supposed to. Never have I ever dated a fan. I have not. But I wouldn’t be opposed to it. But I am very happily taken. So, that’s not a possibility. (laughing) This one, I can’t say this out loud. Never have I ever regretted a music video. I’m going in, guys. This one’s for my Beasters. I hope you can guess which one it is, ’cause I’m not gonna tell you. (upbeat music) That’s got a little- You know, in like, the back of your- You know when the back of your mouth, tries to produce way too much saliva. (laughing) (popping noise) Okay, we’re good. It’s got something to it. Okay, I’m just gonna say it. So basically in the music
video Break A Sweat, I think there’s a part where I look like a Chipotle burrito. ♪ Baby, break a sweat ♪ ♪ Break a sweat ♪ I hated one of the outfits so much! (laughing) Like, I had these hoods on, and I had these weird glasses on, and the director was like, “Make sure you keep the hood up.” And it was like, so tight. ♪ Oh, baby break a ♪ (laughing) I literally look like a Chipotle burrito, it was terrible. No, I’m actually crying,
because I’ve never admitted that out loud. And the only person who
knows that is my mom. (laughing) ‘Cause I actually cried about it. I was like, “This is so bad.” I was so young guys, I
did not have any clue what was going on. Oh, this is, I gotta go in for the candy. Never have I ever wanted
to marry my boyfriend. (light music) I’m not wasting my time here, guys. Obviously. He’s a great guy, he’s very handsome, very talented, and he gives me food. (laughing) What more can you ask for? (making negative noises) (intense music) It’s been burning my tongue. Is that normal? That’s not normal. Yeah, it’s very toxic. Oh, we’re clear guys. Never have I ever hooked up at the gym. Nope. ♪ Break a sweat ♪ ♪ Break a sweat ♪ I have not. Never have I ever gotten
in trouble for something I’ve posted on Insta. No, actually I haven’t. Because I actually run
almost everything that I post through my mom. Like, I’m still that person. I’m like, “Is this outfit cute?” Yeah, I’ve never been
like “Oh my god, Rebecca, why did you post that picture?” It’s always like, “Ooh, you go girl.” Never have I ever photoshopped
a photo of myself. Okay, this gets tricky. ‘Cause technically yes, of course. Oh my god, cameras. They’re just so high tech these days. And they capture so many
things that we do not want people to see. And I think that’s just
something that everybody can relate to. But then you also look at
like pictures that we post for like, for instance, I did
my first album cover, right? And I was like, “Yo, can
you make my eyes all white?” “Can you make my eyes all black?” And they do. So of course, I’ve definitely photoshopped a picture of myself. Just a little- (making booping noises) Smooth out the skin. This is, like, I can die from this. This is a liability on
your guys’ end, okay? Is this FDA-approved? No? (laughing) Nobody has an answer. No, okay. Well, it was nice knowing all of you. Thank you so much for all of your support throughout the years. Okay, terrifying. Who- (intense music) (making grossed out faces) (popping noise) My mouth, it’s still there. Why is it still there? (drinking) No. It burned my mouth. Who in the world, whoever created that, you’re a genius. Well, I survived. I’ve tasted every single one of these. And, for the next person, whoever you are, I’m praying for you. And hope it goes well. I hope you have not done
anything that they ask you. And if you have, just make
sure you have some water. Ah! Just kidding. (light music)

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  1. I love love love you Becky G ! You have become such a beautiful woman and I love your music when I’m feeling down or insecure hearing your music makes me feel empowered and beautiful as a woman thank you! Can’t wait for your next album and girl you need to make your pop up store permanent! 💕💕

  2. She is taken smh…. Im a fan didn't have a chance😢 now l can't fantasize. Oh my only true love is gone forever. Does anyone have tissue?

  3. Becky is so gorgeous and genuine. She’s just incredible. I’ve been a fan of hers for a long time now and will continue to be one. #Beaster ❤️🥰

  4. Becky: Never Have I Ever…
    “Regretted A Music Video”

    Me: I’m thinking either
    “Built For This” or “Break A Sweat”

    Becky: “Break A Sweat”

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