BRITISH ENGLISH PRONUNCIATION – /ɪə/ vowel sound (here, career and clear)

BRITISH ENGLISH PRONUNCIATION – /ɪə/ vowel sound (here, career and clear)

Hello, and welcome back to English with Lucy We’re now going to continue with the British pronunciation series Firstly, before we start, remember to connect with me on all of my social media I’ve got my instagram, my Weibo, my Facebook and of course my Youtube channel And then I also have a Patreon account where you can sponsor me and earn some nice rewards like skype lessons and handmade cards So, let’s get started Today, we’re going to talk about another diphthong And this diphthong is /ɪə/ So if you don’t remember from last class, a diphthong is a combination of two vowel sounds in the same syllable So you’ve got the /ɪ/ and the /ə/ /ɪə/ Now British people, especially in the slightly posher accents Will sometimes say (soft) /ɪə/ instead of (strong) /ɪə/ So we will soften out the diphthong a little bit So, let’s talk about some words that are well-known Firstly, we’ve got words with e and a So we’ve got appear, hear, near, clear, fear Ok, I am speaking in a strong British accent So I’m using a lot of air, it’s very breathy Then I have words with ee beer, career, volunteer Then, I’ve got words with e r e like atmosphere or severe Sometimes, just the e alone is pronounced as /ɪə/ So period, or interior But this is really posh Even I don’t say that, so I’d go period, interior (soft) /ɪə/ rather than (hard) /ɪə/ And then we’ve got the ei such as weird, weird Then we’ve got eo in things such as theory We’ve also got ie such as fierce, cashier Ok well I hope you enjoyed and learnt something from this lesson on the /ɪə/ sound Umm….make sure you try and apply it when using all the words that you learnt today To anyone that’s complaining that I’m not writing definitions for the words in these videos This is a pronunciation video and looking up the words in a dictionary is fairly simple so, I recommend you do that OK thank you very much for watching Remember to connect with me on all my social media And I will see you in the next video! Bye! Will perhaps soften out the brow…the voweowjnorbfs djfbnsfsfm so we will soften out the diphthong a little bit

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  1. thank you teacher lucy thank you so much I'm Arbic boy I hope if you will helpe US and make group watsappe to practice English-language to get improv more and more
    thank you a lot

  2. Gracias Luci! Tus videos me estan ayudando mucho a mi pronunciacion y comprension del ingles! Una pregunta… tienes alguna pagina o alguna guia donde que me pueda ayudar con la gramatica? Lo unico que encuentro es gramatica del ingles americano y por lo que yo se la gramatica britanica y la gramatica americana son muy diferentes una de otra. Necesito tu ayuda.
    Gracias de nuevo por subir tus videos, haces el aprendizaje del ingles muy divertido.

  3. Hi,Lucy!l love you and l really really love your videos !l am crazy about language learning, especially British English! l do wish you can teach me how to pronunce"important"correctly?l just find it hard to do it for sometimes l find the middle"tn"is frustratingly difficult to pronunce!Weak but still not remains there,not voiced,not "n",l just feel not easy to say it!l listened to the example sentences from Oxford or Longman dictionaries,but stll can't do it perfectly!I know it is called nasal cavity exlosion.l need your help and l really appreciate it if you could help me.Thanks a lot!

  4. Hi guys i have a whatsapp group for english learners, and i am inviting you all to join us in this incredible journey of learning english, if you wanna join write you phone number below ( REMEMBER YOU MUST WRITE YOUR FULL NUMBER) I will add you guys as soon as i see you comment below ok thanks 😀

  5. Hello Lucy , i am Cheryl from China ,Like you and your videos as well~
    You are such a beautiful and talented teacher~ Glad to found your channel and like British Accent a lot ~

  6. wew amazing i m from mongolia so i m really want to learn british accent. i wanted it when i was high school student lol but it is not working well. when i try british accent it ' s sounds like chinese accent. what should i do ??? 🙁

  7. hi Lucy, so happy when i could find fancy learning English pronunciation videos ^^ I could fix my wrong pronunciation which i didnt realize before. Thanks a lot. Hoping you can make more useful interesting pronunciation vids

  8. Hi Lucy, how is your day there? I wish to learn a word`s pronunciation>>> Enthusiastic, Enthusiasm…Thank you if you could hear from me.

  9. Lucy, I don't feel confident enough to speak the british english when everyone around me speaks the american english… You know, I'm talking about the accent. I really love the british accent and I do not want to run away of it just because of the the things the people will think about me if I speak with this accent… Please, help me. :/ (Oh, I was not remembering to say my first idiom is portuguese, I'm from Brazil and your videos are awesome!)

  10. I am really grateful for your English pronunciation lessons, Lucy. 🙂 I have been learning English since I was in elementary school. My worst English skill is speaking honestly. I want to learn proper pronunciation since my pronunciation is kind of a mix of American (mostly), British and Indonesian English. Thank you, Lucy.

  11. Hi Lucy, my Asian friends pronounce the word "flour' as 'fla'; could you tell us the correct pronunciation please. Many thanks.

  12. Hey Lucy,

    i listened to John Lennon's song God, and in it he sings "dear friends". i heard it as "difference". Is this mistake understandable?

    Would appreciate if you helped!

  13. Hi, I'm new to your channel and I have a question. Watched the other videos and why do "bear" and "fear" sound differently??? Thanks☺

  14. I think, you pronounce the 'sphere' part in 'sphere' and 'atmosphere' differently. But their phonetics symbols are same. Why is it so ?

  15. REPRESENT YOUR LANGUAGE and contribute subtitle translations here:

  16. Lucy, I recommend you to use the Doulos SIL font for the IPA symbols ( = phonemes) also you would like to remember all the sounds of RP that are shortcuts (Alt+0240 is the voiced dental fricative, Alt+601 is the schwa, etc). But if you know an alternative, I would like to know.

  17. if you are beginner an want to learn english welcome to this channel

  18. The other day i was talking to a American boy and i said "here" like a British person, that was the first time i did it (yesterday) and it felt so good. Me sorprendí a mí misma 😄😆

  19. hello how are you please help me with your English language Brits love language Brits I'm not understand English language please help me

  20. Hello Lucy! I’ve absolutely enjoyed this lesson. Your accent is just perfect, I’m fond of the way you say Lucy, but I can’t pronounce your name properly, would you please make a video where you explain to us how to pronounce names? Including yours please! Thank you for your videos they’re so helpful!

  21. Picked this post randomly thinking it was appropriate
    Now lucy i am attracted to you not so much as your beauty but als my percieved intelligence and upbring from your gorgeous accent an interesting study would be how an accent especially southern or RP could be perceived as "posh"
    I.e i lived and worked for many years in london or abroad now i am back in shropshire where i grew up i am aware of when people speak to me in their "telephone" voice
    But yes you are my "type" lol
    In shropshire not so easy to find elloquent ladies x

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