100 Replies to “Cast – ZOMBIES 2 – Flesh & Bone (From “ZOMBIES 2”)”

  1. This song is amazing …. How do you watch the full movie where do you watch it can it be on youtube sorry many question lol i just really want to watch zombies 2 lol

  2. Does anybody have a feeling that Addison was adopted because at first when they showed the great alpha I thought it was her mother or ancestor.🐺🐺🐺🐺

  3. powerful, theyre all together here ❤️
    I wanted to see Addison’s next adventure
    maybe in Z3 she will be the monster (theory)

  4. Please I’m begging you it’s no joke I’m begging you please release the full movie on YouTube I had no cable yesterday and it’s not gonna be paid until next month it honestly seems like a great movie but I could not watch watch it I know you normally don’t do this it will help so many people I’m so sad I couldn’t wait this movie but you might help so many people if you do this I’m just asking you to release the full movie on your channel

    This obviously won’t be seen but it’s worth a shot

    Like so Disney can see please….

    "We lost the pages we wrote"
    That part, it gave me a connection like its like they lost what they had which is to except people and they lost that when they came

  6. MAN this soundtrack is such a killer don't get me wrong I love the first one but 2 is way better more MONSTERS , MUSIC OF MILO AND MORE DANCES

  7. Bu bu You When There Life de Java da vez de ofender Live You Rubén de Wife Wife de Adexe WhatsApp y te quede supuesto Hart’s🤬🐺😡

  8. Now this is what I love to see humans, zombies, and werewolves standing together and not taking no from the adults and fighting for their rights

  9. I bet Addison’s parents know something about her being a werewolf of but are hiding it because they wanted a human daughter.

  10. Thank you, for giving our generation an anthem. We can yell this messege til our throats are sore, but no one will listen. We need to stop the separation and unessecery hate, we are all flesh and bones in the end, but togather we can be so much more.

  11. SPOILER don’t read more

    What if she is a werewolf but her crystal lost to much power because of Zeds Z band. I never saw her recharge it. Plot of zombieland 3?

  12. Eh didn’t really like it. Felt way too similar to other movies. Plus the whole thing was just movies anyway. I really wanted to like it but I just couldn’t. I hope the next one will be better

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