100 Replies to “Chad, Ryan – I Don’t Dance (From “High School Musical 2”)”

  1. Ok yeah everyone’s saying how gay this is but the gayest part is after the song Chad and Ryan’s outfits are switched

  2. it's been years and this suddenly popped into my head again, i couldn't get it out and now i'm here. (also lets be real, this was a little gay right? it wasn't just me)

    ALSO HOLY FUCK WAIT HE'S LITERALLY BATTING FOR THE OTHER TEAM(i knew there was another level of meaning every time they said "swiiiing")

  3. Why was the professional dancer singing about not being able to dance???????

    Edit: for the people wondering the actor who plays chad is a professional dancer!!

  4. They ATLEAST had a make out session after this scene lol bc the direct next one, they're wearing each others hats and shirt lol, better love story than Troy and Gabriella imo 😂

  5. Why does the audio here sound so strange? This is Disney’s official channel :/ The audio on another video on youtube sounds cleaner. Or my ears are broken 🤣

  6. I swear that some of y'all could see 2 gay people having sex and you guys would still insist that they're straight.

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