Egg (Official Music Video)

Egg (Official Music Video)

Oh Egg. I bought you down at the shops, You were a bargain at five ninety-nine. Oh Egg. I’ve had you since I was twelve, But to this day you still fit me just fine! Sometimes people would laugh, 
And say you’d gone out of style, But then they’d think that you’re cool
again If I waited a while. Oh Egg. I wear you along with a smile. Oh Egg. I know wherever I go, When I have you, you make everything fun. Oh Egg. You sit on top of my head, And keep me safe from harsh rays of the sun. And when I get back home,
I hang you up on this egg rack, And that’s when I recall that
You’re not an egg, you’re a hat. Oh Egg. You’re not an egg, you’re a hat. You’re not an egg, you’re a haaaaat! Egg.

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