100 Replies to “Ella Mai – Shot Clock (Official Music Video)”

  1. Who else think drake and her should make a song that sounds the same.
    Get it since drake made a song called legends that sounds the same

  2. those 19,528 people that dislike the video y u do it ella mai is a chill and cool person this song is like a soul song so if u don't got anything nice to say then beat it cause u wasting your time tapping that dislike button

  3. This shizz 🔥💯❤💸 nigga who i been wit whos 40 who a damn slut how
    has 24 seconds to get the fucck out my life for good been together 10 years tired azz nigga just wanna cheat and play games done wasting my precious time bye little azz boy

  4. I felt her when she said "5yrs of dating TF you waiting for" 💟🌹that's what I be asking my man LMFAO 5 yrs later wtf you waiting on …🥺🤷‍♂️

  5. I am so in LOVe wit her😍😍..that’s on my dead homies I feel like High school all OVr again 😂😂😂 #mywife #EllaMai

  6. Hey Ella, my brother wanted me to tell you this, he said;(You knew you were wrong when you did it) Now found but(Who Knew), what's done is done, you can quit wondering now and now it (Makes Me Wonder). Gotta give you yo props, Perfection! Who really could comprehend, I shoot even beyond the starz. Simba is pretty live tho (Search Fulfilled)

    M for (Mystery)lol


  7. I hate when a female puts pressure on me. I'm as drama free as I can be. That being said, I'm not the kinda guy that will let it linger like that. To hell with 5 years after 5 months it's gonna be established where we are, what possibilities lie ahead and how far I'm willing to go. Some dudes out here taking their ladies for granted and gonna end up with a guy like me posting her up.

  8. Love this song!!! This bumps nice in the ride. Ain’t gone lie..she got it. 🎶you gone miss your opportunity🎶 💯💕

  9. im a guy, and she proved my point. i used to want to smash a girl in 24 hours of meeting her, and then i smashed a girl within 24 seconds after meeting her. this was way before this song caame out lol

  10. 🎥👀 Checkout my Dope artist who just signed a songwriting deal with Jermaine Dupree at SoSoDef!!!! 🔥🔥🔥

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