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  1. Hello I am Brazilian, and for some time I follow your channel, your lessons are wonderful. Continue with this great work !!!

  2. Hello, I am a beginner and I would like to know if some second English learners as me have got a problem with the pronunciation of the word "really"?

  3. Hi, Rachel. I'm a big fan of yours. I think I've watched almost all of your videos. I'm just really concerned about your voice. Your pitch has become way lower and please take no offense, but it kinda makes you sound older and a bit boring. I hope we can hear that younger high pitch again. Thanks so much and lots of love.

  4. Thanks for the lesson. Honestly, a lot of people don't know the right pronunciation of "Of", they pronounce it as [of], while the actual pronunciation is [ov]. And the word "Off" is pronounced [of].

    Your efforts are appreciated!

  5. Hi Rachel!
    I am an international student and I had pass my ELS test then I've enrolled to University to proceed my master degree. Two years ago, I didn't even know how to write one sentience, but day after day I got improved a lot. However, I always face problem when I do research or reflection paper. I am very slow and I take time to finish one paper. That gets me tired and almost lose my hope to have my degree. Just I wondered if u can help me to how set my papers without all theses stressful. I'm living in cite where it is far from Philly 45 mins. I don't know if I can see u to teach me fast to face? Or what is ur advice.
    Thank u

  6. pronunciation of L and W is so hard, I was repeating please give me a "towel" in the gym but nobody understood me…haha

  7. Hello, is the T in "last week" pronounce? I can't pronounce it when I say it fast. I watched a few videos on youglish and it seemed like they didn't pronounce it.

  8. Thank you for all these useful videos! Could you please make a video about how to pronounce ‘tortoise’. I see there’s difference between BrE and AmE.

  9. Please make a video on the pronunciation of "we were" (in casual speech of course). It's really hard to pronounce it fast, and I've heard people pronouncing it like "we err".

  10. Hallo Rachel, I wanna ask you something about f and v consonants. in the case of word "of" it must be pronounced as /ʌv/ voiced, but I heard a lot of people said as /ʌf/ voiceless. could you give the reason why is this happening? thanks 🙂

  11. The best explanation about these sounds on the web. No wonder I had a hard time pronouncing these sounds. It's actually the inside of the lips. I used to disappear my bottom leap which makes difficult to produce these sounds. Thank you, Rachel.

  12. It is a very misleading video. I doubt if she really knows what is pronunciation. f and v are consonants which just differ by thw position of tongue and teeth. At 0:45 she made the 'voice' of v from her throat. If you try it in an actual word that has a vowel after, you cannot make the same voice.

  13. Now I overcome some of my difficulties of pronouncing words like f and v. Now I learn the word "family" could be two syllables.

  14. Rachel, your channel is God's answer to my prayers. I have been asking him to master American English Lenguage because I really need it because I work as a teacher assistant and I really need to speak English properly. Thanks God I finally found your channel you are the best English Teacher!!! I was having a lot of trouble on short vowels pronunciation, this serie has been a true blessing 🙏 God bless you!!! Thanks for helping esl students like me succeding in life !!! I learn everyday with this serie and I am so exciting to watch all your videos but now I need to perfect my pronunciation first.

  15. Hi Rachel. How amazing is the way you teach us. I always had had the problem to identify the differences in the sounds of these two letters but after watching this video I have no more doubts. It's clear that you are Doctor in the English language pronunciation. Thank you for sharing.

  16. Rachel is there any rule for "EN" as in wood-en, dark-en, straight-en, etc. i have seen some nouns with en added . If any rule, please have a say about it. Cheers!!

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