How Anime Inspired YNW Melly’s ‘Suicidal’ Music Video | Song Stories

How Anime Inspired YNW Melly’s ‘Suicidal’ Music Video | Song Stories

[HOST] YNW Melly releases his latest animated
visual from behind bars, “Suicidal.” [HOST] “Suicidal” is the second track
off Melly’s latest album, ‘Melly vs. Melvin’ and it’s produced by frequent collaborator
Z3N. The two previously worked together on “No
Heart” and “Gang.” Some records you just know is a special record, y’know. [HOST] The Argentine producer spoke with Genius
about the creation of “Suicidal.” He just started rapping it to me and I just
uh pulled up some keys and played the chords [HOST] Z3n loved working with Melly. With me, he was always in such like such good moods. Always came across as a genuine guy and always had a smile on his face and he was happy. And just brought a great energy to the room
[HOST] According to Z3n, “Suicidal” was cut a day before Melly turned himself in on
charges of first-degree murder in connection with the deaths of his two friends, YNW Juvy
and YNW Sakchaser. If convicted he could face the death penalty. [HOST] But on “Suicidal,” we see a different
side of Melly as he mentions Hennessy and the party drug molly he uses to get over a
breakup. [HOST] The music video, directed and animated
by Tristan Zammit came together rather quickly. We really crunched this whole video out in
two weeks or less. It’s not the first time we’ve done that, probably won’t be the last. [HOST] Tristan and his assistant Alex shared some insights behind the video with Genius. [HOST] His team also helmed “Dying For
You,” a collaboration with Melly’s younger brother, YNW BSlime, as well as the late XXXTentacion’s
“Sauce!” and many others. [HOST] Although the theme of “Suicidal”
was dark, Tristan and his team chose to lighten things up. I didn’t want to make it too dark because
that wasn’t the right mood for it That’s why there is like a noose in it but I tried to lighten it up relate it more to
like love. [HOST] There are also a number of different
animation signatures in this flick. So I was trying to come up with a real fun
way to transition people’s styles. If you watch the video, Melly like sketches
out a drawing of him Alex’s scene starts and it’s a more sketchy fun style. [HOST] But one thing unifies the video and
much of Zammit’s animation work. Anime. Honestly the whole intro with the paneling
is fully inspired by ‘Fooly Cooly’ outro just has a bunch of panels coming in and out and
the heartbeat is a reference to the same outro. [HOST] The early aughts cult favorite anime
‘Fooly Cooly’ is about a young boy growing up in a small town. HARUKO: He’s dead! This young boy is completely dead! [HOST] And that wasn’t the only cult classic
anime referenced. During the production of this video I basically just had a really rare artbook from ‘Samurai Champloo’ just open on my desk that I would
kinda just reference for style notes. [HOST] ‘Samurai Champloo’ is mid 2000s anime
centered around a roaming Japanese samurai that included a soundtrack of hip-hop, jazz
and more. I wanted Melly to have a bit of likeness resembling
Jin from ‘Samurai Champloo’ so I would just have like model sheets of and drawing of him
on my desk. Jin: You’ve got the wrong guy. And don’t worry about waiting for the Yagyus
because they’re all gone. Mugen: Gone? Jin: I killed all three. [HOST] Tristan also cites the ‘sakuga’
or an elevated form of Japanese animation where the production kicks up a few notches
for fight scenes and dramatic events – seen here in ‘Akira’ when Tetsuo loses control
over his powers or in the “Suicidal” clip when Melly’s head explodes into his hands. Usually in my videos I try to allocate one or two scenes
that I would attribute something sakuga-esque. [HOST] All in all, Tristan just hopes to make
something that Melly would’ve liked. I just want to make something that is an ode
to them. I don’t want to be like sad. [HOST] And it appears that the video is doing
just that to the tune of more than 2 million views over a weekend. [HOST] If you’d like to find out more about
“Suicidal” check out the song page on [HOST] I’m Jacques Morel with Genius News,
bringing you the meaning and the knowledge behind the music. Peace!

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  2. Did the same person that animated Boondocks animate Suicidal?

    I made an AMV on Suicidal :

    AMV means Anime Music Video


  4. Great inspiration…love anime…but I’m not a fan of mumble rap…it sounds like literally every other generic song…wish Anderson paak did this instead…

  5. Since when did making something fast = impressive… just take your time and wait till its perfect… i mean alot of it is pretty good but some of it just seems unfinished or like its missing something. But maybe thats just me.

  6. Idk why yall niggas act so surprise that rappers aka black people like anime, we been rocking wit anime since the 80s …shit most 18-20+ was into anime during 90s and early 2000s

  7. Bruhhhhh cmon now genius, samurai champloo is about two roaming samurai with a girl who want to find another samurai.

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