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  1. Just a question. Can you tell me what device you are using in the beggning, oh and check out our channel it has 99 videos, (and more to come) of 8-Bit Music, and Chiptunes.

  2. @UkuFromHell you could make a lampshade for free dude all you need is a coat hanger a piece of paper and some glue lol

  3. @Rockhopper0071234643 I think he's aware. Also that is not a touch screen laptop, that's a separate tablet. To be exact it's a Wacom Cintiq 21UX (approx. 2000 euros). I'd swear it was Cintiq 24HD if it existed on the post date of this video.

  4. that is winamp. Just to play it back the wav and midi file. No editing here.
    Unless your talking about cooledit which is the grey editing tool with wave forms everywhere.

  5. I have not used GSXCC. Though if you want real sounding guitar well then 8 bit is not what you want. There are just normally waveforms, envelopes and filters. A saw tooth is more suited to a guitar with quick attack and long decay and zero sustain. For an over-driven guitar a square waveform probably be used instead.

  6. At what time are you talking about? you know the you change the instruments by hitting config and changing the instruments setting. Just try them. Also rmember to hit stop then play after changing any preferences.

  7. xD Yeah a lamp shade is so expensive, even though you have like a giant Ipad type thing infront of you.

  8. Thanks a lot for this tutorial. This seems a far easier method than using tracker software. I find the attitude of people who say you must use tracker software ridiculous and elitist. I see it as being like people saying to play a certain style of guitar music, you must use a particular guitar with a particular amp. If the music sounds good, what does it matter? Besides, there were many more 8-bit machines than the NES/Famicom, Gameboy and C64 so what's wrong with a slightly different sound?


  10. You have to have only the best of the best, dude. =) You can't gimp out on a lampshade, that's one of the most important parts of music production! =D

  11. It's a screen, not a touchscreen computer. It's a Wacom brand tablet, and for work purposes, it's not that expensive.

  12. It's a Cintiq and despite what others are saying, it's actually probably as expensive as some computers. It can cost over $1000 easily.

  13. It creates a similar effect though, anyways why would you want to create a fully 8-bit music, it's not like your making games for gameboy…

  14. there  is  also another  way  to  create  8 bit  songs.  first you need  tuxguitar then  GXSCC an d then utimateguitar.com  follow  these  steps a nd  you  will  be  able  to make  them like  i do

  15. I have a problem: when I drag and drop the midi file in GXSCC and I press play, they have only the first column are lit
    HELP please ! ^^

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