How to sing ‘Shayad’ (Love Aajkal) | Learn a Song | Chandrani’s Online Music Class

How to sing ‘Shayad’ (Love Aajkal) | Learn a Song | Chandrani’s Online Music Class

The day I announced this series on my SM, so many of you commented that you’re excited for it, you are waiting for it, that making this video was all the more fun. So this series is called ‘Learn a Song’. So far we have learnt Hindustani vocals together, sargams in songs but some of you requested me to teach the entire song So in this series I will try to teach full songs. How to sing them, what notes are used and if there is any interesting thing about it. So the first song in this series I chose is a latest song, whose movie released yesterday. Love Aajkal (2020) and the song is ‘Shayad’. Sung by Arijit Singh, composed by Pritam da and penned by Irshad Kamil. So let’s start learning the first song of this series! If you try to find the scale of this song, you will find that it has been sung in G# Major scale This means that the Sa in this song falls in the G# key (of a piano) The first note of the song is Ga So come let’s first try to pick this song at any given scale. In case you want to pick it at some other scale, just play that key For e.g., A# So I will teach this song in A# scale because that’s more comfortable for me. G# gets slightly low for me. So let’s start learning the song Again. Now we know the line ends with the note Pa. So make sure you check whether you have ended at Pa note or not. So holding the notes is very important and when we sing, we tend slip from our (end) notes. So if we focus and sing them, then we will make lesser mistakes of singing off-pitch. Now the next two lines of this song are exactly similar to the ones we just sang. Now check that the your ending of the word ‘shayad’ was at Sa So in case you are not singing with any instrument, just play the tanpura at the scale you are singing and in piano/piano app keep checking that you are singing the right notes Now let’s move to the next two lines. To learn any song, it isn’t necessary that you need to know all the notes Just by listening to the song many times, you can learn it I am just showing you everything in this tutorial so that you are able to try this on your own to find the notes of a song or how to be able to sing it. So the notes for these lines are: Now notice note Re in the end is just slightly touched Ma is also slightly touched. The same lyrics sung again has variations in it. The end note here is Pa (of Mandra Saptak) and the next note is the higher Pa (of Madhya Saptak) Singing all the notes in between. This is called a ‘Meend’ The second part is similar (to previous notes) in both the lines and the last line is also sung again. So mainly the variation is in the bit ‘Jo tum na ho’ and there are 4 total variations which I have shown you. This is sung exactly same as the one before it. Ok. So the notes in the Harkat is Ni Dha Now the next three lines are exactly similar to these. Now the next lines are similar to ones we have learnt earlier. So this way you can learn this song, in case you were finding any difficulties. So I hope you will have twice the fun in learning and singing this song after this video. I tried going into the finer details to teach this song and as many of you requested, to write the notes in English. So before going, I know many of you forget, but don’t forget to Subscribe to my channel, Like this video, Comment if you found it useful or have any doubts, and I will try and resolve it. So let’s meet next time with a different song that we will try to learn together.

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  1. Mam ji please notes ke bare mein kya aap alag si video banaege 🙏🙏.. samajh nahi aa rahi hy notes kaise banane hyy

  2. Sister tumhari tutorial hame bahut achha laga pls aise hi or singing tutorial upload karna take hum jaise sangit sikhne walo ko thora or madat mil sake thank you so much

  3. Miss mujhe aapse yeh puchna tha…ki
    Mai Ek Singer banna chahta hoo ..lekin Meri awaaz acchi nahi hai sunne mein
    Toh agar mai Riyaaz karunga toh kya mai bhi accha gaa sakunga….ek dum Sur mein jaise BOLLYWOOD ke singer gaate hai😢😢😢??????

    Mera sapna hai ki mujhe JUSTIN BIEBER jaisa ek bada singer banna hai aur mai uss mukaam ko paane ke liye Khuch bhi Sacrifice kar sakta hoo…(Mumma ki kasam mam)

  4. Ap ki Tarif Kese Kare words nhi he.. ….ap hum jeso ke sangit ki Devi ho…. Love you …..meri ek request he old song ……like n love old song…. Huye he Tum pr aashiq hum… Bhala Maano bura Maano…d4 he kya…. Not sure

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