How Well Do Playboi Carti Fans Know His Music? | Genius News

How Well Do Playboi Carti Fans Know His Music? | Genius News

Host: From his baby voice to his ad libs,
Playboi Carti is one of the most exciting figures in rap today, but how well do his
fans actually know his music? We hit up his show at Rolling Loud in Queens,
New York, to put people to the test. Are you a Playboi Carti fan? Speaker 2: Absolutely. Speaker 3: Definitely. For sure. Speaker 4: No, not really. Speaker 5: I wouldn’t say it’s for everyone,
but he’s a good artist. Host: So how would you describe Playboi Carti’s
voice? Speaker 6: Like a sweet baby. Speaker 7: It’s angelic. It’s literally the voice of an angel. Host: What’s your favorite Playboi Carti song? Speaker 2: “Choppa Won’t Miss.” Speaker 3: Definitely the first song that
got me hip to him was “Magnolia” by him . Speaker 9: I had a really fun time at that
point in my life, and that was a soundtrack to it, so that was just a good time for me. Host: What’s your favorite Carti ad-lib? Speaker 7: Bee. Host: How do you think you’re about to do
on this quiz? Speaker 5: I think I’m going to ace it. Speaker 9: Honestly, no idea. Speaker 10: I’m hoping I get an A-plus. Speaker 9: 100%. Host: Let’s start out easy. What is Playboi Carti’s real name? Jordan
Carter or Symere Woods? Speaker 10: The second option? Speaker 3: The second one. Speaker 6: I don’t know. Speaker 5: I’m going to go with Symere Williams. Speaker 11: Jordan Carter. Speaker 7: Jordan Carter. Speaker 12: Jordan Carter. Host: What was Playboi Carti’s early rap name? Sir Cartier or King Carti? Speaker 2: Sir Cartier. Speaker 10: King Carti. Speaker 3: I’ll go with the other option. Host: What was Playboi Carti and Lil Uzi Vert’s
first official collaboration? “Left Right?” Or “wokeuplikethis*?” Speaker 11: “wokeuplikethis*?” Speaker 12: Definitely “wokeuplikethis*.” Speaker 5: “Left Right.” Speaker 7: It’s definitely “Left Right” cause
I went on the Left Right Tour in 2015. Host: What does slatt mean? Speaker 3: What does what mean? Speaker 9: Honestly, no idea. I just know a bunch of little white kids do
the nose thing too. Speaker 5: I don’t know if it’s an acronym,
but like slatt. You know what I’m saying? Slatt. Host: It is an acronym. Speaker 5: We bout it. Speaker 2: Slime love all the time? Speaker 3: Slime love all the time. Speaker 11: Are you serious? Host: Yes. Speaker 4: That’s even better. That’s just-
Speaker 11: That’s my slime right there. That’s my slime. Speaker 3: Learn something new every day,
guys. Am I right? Host: Finish this lyric, “Woke up with my… What it do.” Speaker 3: Talking like me, drop. Speaker 6: B-word? What it do. Host: Oh wow. Speaker 12: Toolie. Speaker 11: I got red shooters, I got blue. Speaker 5: Let that thing down and point at
you. Host: Oh, okay. Host: What is the title of Carti’s 2017 track
“Magnolia” referencing? Speaker 9: Magnolia projects in New Orleans. Speaker 2: Magnolia. Host: I mean, yeah, but… Speaker 2: I’m honestly not sure. Speaker 6: Magnolia projects in Atlanta, Georgia. Host: Not in Atlanta. I think it’s a New Orleans. Speaker 6: Close enough. Speaker 9: Juvenile live there. Yeah, the “Ha” video was shot there. Host: Who produced Carti’s 2015 track “Money
Counter?” Pi’erre Bourne or MexikoDro? Speaker 5: I’m going to go Pi’erre Bourne. Speaker 10: Pi’erre Bourne. Speaker 3: Pi’erre Bourne. Why am I so bad at this? Speaker 2: Pi’erre Bourne. Speaker 7: MexikoDro the GOAT, bro. Speaker 7: If y’all don’t know the old Carti
and MexikoDro… Come on. Host: This man. Listen to this man. Speaker 5: Never heard of that producer in
my life. I’m sure he makes great songs. Shout out Mexiko. Host: Finish this Carti lyric. “I can’t go in. I ain’t ready…” Speaker 10: Yet. Speaker 2: Can I phone a friend? Speaker 12: I don’t know, but I keep it steady. Speaker 7: Fetti on fetti on fetti. Speaker 9: Fetti on… Oh my god! That’s the name of the song! Oh my god. Fuck, I suck! All right, let’s go. Next question. Host: In 10 seconds, name as many of the tracks
where Carti uses his baby voice as you can, starting now! Speaker 9: Earthquake. Speaker 5: Oh boy. Speaker 11: “Baguettes.” Speaker 2: “Pissy Pamper.” “100 Racks.” Speaker 5: Really can’t think of a single
Playboi Carti song right now. Host: Can I get one? Speaker 6: I’ll just name some tracks. “Magnolia.” “wokeuplikethis*.” Fucking “Kelly Price.” Speaker 7: “Flatbed Freestyle.” Speaker 12: Home. Speaker 7: “Get Dripped” with Lil Yachty. Speaker 10: I got an E for effort. Speaker 2: I think I did pretty good. You know, we out of here. We tried our best. They had us in the first half, but… Speaker 9: You know, I could’ve done better. I’ve fucked up “Fetti.” Speaker 2: I think those pioneers of music
always different in their own way. Speaker 5: I think his flow is crazy. Speaker 7: He uses his voice as an instrument. Speaker 11: He a rock star. But he’s an artist at the same time. Speaker 5: His ability to collaborate with
other artists… He compliments other artists so well. Speaker 10: He’s essential to the rap playlists. Host: Well, Carti fans definitely showed out
today. Some people had a hard time, but for the most
part they did pretty well. How’d you do? Let us know in the comments. I’m Tia with Genius News bringing you the
meaning and the knowledge behind the music. Speaker 5: Sorry, Playboi. I’m sorry. You know what it’s about

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  1. this video would have slapped if you left the two attention seeking girls out, they really acted out for the camera cut that shit out next time this isn’t hollywood they just looking for 15 minute of fame

  2. yall need to stop doing that wipe under nose and thumbs down, whatever you think it means, it isnt. its a crips gang sign (crips are a VERY violent gang) crips rival gang is the bloods, (Also super violent) one of the bloods gang signs are just the wipe under the nose, witch was a thing before the crips created the wipe and down thing witch basically means F bloods. so yall white kids need to stop trying to get killed.

  3. I was a og Carti fan but god damn y’all really ruined this mans fan base lol all I see is white boys have “slatt” as there caption on there post on Instagram and that shit is mad cringe 💀

  4. Bro that man did not miss a SINGLE question he the mf goat!! Give that man tickets to Cartis next tour that’s facts🗣

  5. You wanna know the true carti fans you got to go way back to 2014 2013 when he had “ Oucha” and “ Holyfield” “by-myself” songs. Oh and Shout out Yung $now and maxikodro

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