Indigo – NIKI | 6 Dancers Choreograph To The Same Song – Couples Edition

Indigo – NIKI |  6 Dancers Choreograph To The Same Song – Couples Edition

Welcome back to STEEZY’s YouTube channel, it’s your boy Clay! And Jessie! And we’ve got another episode of “3 Choreographers, 1 Song!” This episode is brought to you by STEEZY.CO! JESSIE: Download the STEEZY Studio
app to take over 600 online dance classes From the world’s best instructors like Nicole Kirkland, Slim Boogie, Brian Puspos, and more! CLAY: Now back to the episode! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and love is in the air so we couldn’t help but get into our romantic feels for this episode.. So, we asked three of our favorite couples to each collab on a piece. The song that we’re using is a flirty little bop called Indigo by NIKI. LET’S GET INTO IT! Couple 1: Harlie and Tristan. Hi my name is Harlie and I’m from Carson, California. I’ve danced on Hall of Fame and Team Millennia. Hi I’m Tristan and I’m from Chino Hills, I’ve danced on Hall of Fame and GRV. I think our general thought process at first was just to kind of focus on what NIKI was kind of like saying in the song. What I kind of took from it, it was like her talking about a guy that she really wants, y’know? We wanted to focus more on the girl being the forefront. HARLIE: Mhm. So usually when we choreograph, sometimes it is kind of hard cause we work very differently.. When I choreograph, I choreograph a lot faster. When Tristan choreographs, he
choreographs– Super slow. HARLIE: A lot slower cause he likes to really sit on it versus me I’m used to kind of choreograph like whatever flows out. So, this piece was actually like a turning point cause before this, um it was like a little bit hard to work with each other.. since we’re so comfortable with each other.. but, with this one, it was a lot easier and just like really flowed and it was actually like a really nice process! Some of my favorite moments in the final piece where we were able to connect and make eye contact, it’s nice, y’know, to be able to look someone in the eyes, um, when you’re dancing so.. I.. love her! [laughing] LAW: Damn..!
CAITLIN: Ohh! CAITLIN: Casual! CAITLIN: Ahhhh.. CAITLIN: Niiiice! SAAYA: Eeee-heeheehee!
JUSTIN: Oh–! LAW: Ey, hey, hey! BOTH: Ayyyyyyyye! LAW: Natural.. JUSTIN: Ohho! I like that a lot..! LAW: Eyy-hey!
CAITLIN: Aw I like that! LAW: Nice, I like that. SAAYA: Heeyyy!!
JUSTIN: Aw that was tight! CAITLIN: Oh–! [laughing] JUSTIN: Let’s gooo~! JUSTIN: Ay, ay, ay! SAAYA: Aww! CAITLIN: That was really cute. LAW: That was awesome!
CAITLIN: I thought they were gonna– CAITLIN: I thought they were gonna kiss and it was like “just kidding!” CAITLIN: There’s– yeah no no no don’t do that.. SAAYA: Their chemistry is UNDENIABLE like I watch their Snowglobe videos all the time.. CAITLIN: You can tell that they’ve.. been there before. They look very natural, relaxed.. They have great chemistry. LAW: Mhm. SAAYA: I don’t usually see this from them but they like added a lot of street styles like popping and stuff so..
JUSTIN: Mhm, mhm.. SAAYA: That was really, really awesome! JUSTIN: That was like cute.. ..and really sexy.. at the same time. SAAYA: Cuuuu-sexy.. [giggling] JUSTIN: Cexy… [laughing] LAW: Well, the entire piece for me was actually like super high-energy but then it also showcased, like their body control and their groove, but as soon as they slowed it DOWN, that’s when I was like “oooh!” I got attached to that, I was like “dude, I wanna see THAT some more..” JUSTIN: The fact that it’s like couples now and not single individuals SAAYA: It’s not like single, single, single it’s.. single-single boom, single-single boom, single-single– [???] SAAYA: Yeah… [explosive Kinjaz pose] [cackling] SAAYA: Cut..! [staff laughing] JUSTIN: I think my favorite movement was.. the.. the.. this one.. [???] JUSTIN: This one… SAAYA: Yeah–! Cause– JUSTIN: I don’t know how to explain it but that was my favorite moment! JUSTIN: Dude–
SAAYA: Cause that’s like a blow-up, y’know? SAAYA: It’s like “bass bass bass goooo~!” SAAYA: And then like usually you would think they would like do a power move or like something BIG? That just shows that they’re phenomenal dancers and they can just sell it to the audience.. JUSTIN: Mhm! LAW: They’re just DANCING! Like straight-up just dancing throughout the entire song and CAITLIN: Yeah..
LAW: That’s super fun to watch. LAW: We’re different.. sweetie. LAW: I never call you sweetie.. CAITLIN: That’s weird. Don’t do that.. LAW: That was very weird.. CAITLIN: That was weird.
LAW: Yeah.. Couple 2: Saaya and Justin. Hi! I’m Saaya, I’m from Torrance, California, I’m a Kaba Modern alumni and currently on Culture Shock Los Angeles! Sup guys, my name is Justin, from Carson, California, and I currently dance with The Kinjaz and Culture Shock LA. SAAYA: Our general thought-process when we’re choreographing is first, we listen to the song separately, individually and we kind of develop our own vision develop our own musicality and what kind of moments we want and THEN we would come together and combine forces and see what we can.. incorporate each other’s ideas and then– that’s how we kind of start laying down the ground work.. Yes it’s– we’re very different but at the end of the day like, it really.. lifts each other up in our
own strength. JUSTIN: My favorite moment from the piece was when we were doing this knee move on the floor. I’m proud that she was able to like.. conquer it. And the fact that she can do it now effortlessly and then transition to the next move.. SAAYA: Effortlessly..? JUSTIN: YES. JUSTIN: Next move.. is gonna be a flare.. SAAYA: [gasp] BRING IT ON.. JUSTIN: Yeahh! TRISTAN: Let’s go! TRISTAN: Woo! BOTH: Ooooo! TRISTAN: That–! [wobbles] HARLIE: Ay! Wow..
TRISTAN: Wow. HARLIE: Levels–!
TRISTAN: That’s not fair! HARLIE: Aw that’s not– that’s not fair!
TRISTAN: That’s not fair!! HARLIE: Wooo! CAITLIN: So strong..! TRISTAN: They look so happy..! [laughing] CAITLIN: That was cute..! TRISTAN: Eee! That– musicality..! HARLIE: Aww–! CAITLIN: Ohh..!
LAW: I like that.. CAITLIN: I see it.. BOTH: Ey! [laughing] HARLIE: Of course the grooves! CAITLIN: So strong.. TRISTAN: Ohh I like the part where they look at each other! CAITLIN: Awwwwwww..!
LAW: Eyyyyyyy! CAITLIN: That’s my favorite moment.. HARLIE: Ey! Awwwww..! [laughing] [laughing] [laughing] CAITLIN: They’re so good..! HARLIE: El oh EL!
TRISTAN: That’s great! TRISTAN: I love that! HARLIE: That was good. TRISTAN: How come we didn’t think of that..? HARLIE: They had different musicality.. than we did– they pointed out things that I was like “what?” TRISTAN: Like that [stutter noises] TRISTAN: I don’t know– I don’t even–
HARLIE: And then they were like wonh wonh wonh! TRISTAN: YEAH like– they did like a.. wuddle… Wh– [sigh] TRISTAN: That one.. CAITLIN: Saaya’s just so dynamic and strong.. and I WISH I had her strength the way that she hits certain movements and the way that she hears– she’s just– Saaya you’re my– you’re my dance goals.. LAW: They really work really hard and they really work WELL together CAITLIN: Mhm.. LAW: Such a dynamic duo.. LAW: I love that they also, like, let their personalities just flow through the entire piece and then at the very end it’s like they also have a good sense of humor.. HARLIE: I liked everything, but if I had to pick one [moment], the ending was really funny.. [laughing] TRISTAN: I think my favorite part was.. their floorwork.. HARLIE: YEAHH no– [sigh]
TRISTAN: Like.. HARLIE: I changed my mind– TRISTAN: That’s MY idea.. TRISTAN: That’s my.. favorite part.
HARLIE: Well I– well– HARLIE: Well I can take it.. TRISTAN: That’s *our favorite part now.. HARLIE: What’s mine is yours and yours is mine. TRISTAN: Okay. [chuckling] Couple 3: Caitlin and Lawrence. Hi my name is Caitlin Estudillo. I’m from San Francisco.. I danced on The Company and I’m currently repping Culture Shock Los Angeles. What’s up guys! I’m Law Devera from Los Angeles, California and currently representing Poreotics, Kinjaz, and also, Culture Shock Los Angeles! LAW: We’ve choreographed a few pieces together before.. We’ve definitely butt heads like, so many times.. but this one was just kind of a very smooth, less problematic approach.. [laughs] CAITLIN: Are you just trying to say we had more of a flow? LAW: Yeah we had a– more of a flow.. CAITLIN: Okay..! Yeah.. We’ll go with that.. LAW: Okay.. CAITLIN: I’m genuinely happy and surprised that this one was a lot smoother previous pieces, even though they were fun to do.. [high-pitched]
it was.. quiiiiite a strugglee.. LAW: Her style’s very different than mine.. She’s very like– she has a contemporary background also and like Company-esce movements so.. Like that movement compared to like a Kinjaz and Poreotics is very– like you can already kind of tell the contrast.. Definitely took getting used to and a lot of practice.. CAITLIN: MY favorite moments are when we have.. brief moments to look at each other.. so you can really feel that “okay this is a couple piece.” LAW: I like the moment when she says “on top of yours~” and I’m like on the ground doing footwork and “boom, boom, boom, boom” and she’s like ticking like “tic tic tic tic..” I like that part. [laughing] CAITLIN: I think you like it because that’s what you do! LAW: Yeah! And that’s what y– mmm, yeah..! LAW: And that’s what I do..!
CAITLIN: [laughing] SAAYA: Let’s go Culture Shooock! JUSTIN: Eeyyyy! With the yellow.. TRISTAN: Nice.. Those iso’s.. JUSTIN: Eyyy! JUSTIN: I like how they’re just riding it!
SAAYA: They’re so– SAAYA: They’re just so lovely together! JUSTIN: Eyy! SAAYA: Woo! TRISTAN: Let’s go.. HARLIE: Eyy– Ohh! I love that! SAAYA: Those are the moments!
JUSTIN: Let’s gooo! SAAYA: Those are the moments..! HARLIE: Aww..! HARLIE: They’re like so happy!
TRISTAN: I think we need to be cuter next time.. [laughing] BOTH: EEYYYYY! JUSTIN: Let’s gooo! HARLIE: Eyy! TRISTAN: Outfits [inaudible] HARLIE: Awww..! TRISTAN: Yesss! HARLIE: Ey! BOTH: Better slow it downn! [laughing] SAAYA: Ooooohh!! JUSTIN: That’s FUUUN!
SAAYA: [sigh] SAAYA: I just love them together.. JUSTIN: Yooo.. HARLIE: That was nice.. TRISTAN: Is that Poreotics..? [laughing]
[attempts to tick] JUSTIN: That was so smooth..! I like that! Like, for me.. we’re on the team with Caitlin and Law right now but you don’t really see them dance TOGETHER.. It’s seriously so beautiful watching them dance together and JUSTIN: Create together.
SAAYA: Look at each– yeah, create together! JUSTIN: Mhm.. HARLIE: My favorite moment was when, um.. Law was on the floor and he was like “ke, ke, ke!” TRISTAN: You stole mine again..!
HARLIE: Doin’ that! HARLIE: And then like also when they like walked in! That was like very nice and cute.. TRISTAN: Okay you had two favorite moments! Where’s my favorite moment?? HARLIE: Go ahead! TRISTAN: I like the last part! You know when they were just walkin’ off and then it was just like that– she said “Slow, slow, slow down” [laughs] That’s what she says, right..? JUSTIN: I just like the fact that they sat into the song so well.. SAAYA: With the brilliance of Company.. and the brilliance of Poreotics.. [hand explosions] JUSTIN: Culture Shock!
SAAYA: You mix it together.. SAAYA: Culture Shock..!
JUSTIN: [laughing] SAAYA: But the brilliance of them together.. was something very fresh and.. JUSTIN: Yeah, it was nice to see.. SAAYA: It was nice.. Thank you so much for watching and make sure that you subscribe to STEEZY’s YouTube channel for more awesome, dance-related videos. And if you enjoyed this little “twist” let us know in the comments below what variation of “3 Dancers 1 Song” that you wanna see next! JESSIE: Like a STEEZY version, perhaps? CLAY: Do you want.. dogs..? JESSIE: Happy Valentine’s Day STEEZY Nation! MWAH! MMMWAH! MMMMWAH! CLAY: Mwah! BOTH: Mwah! CLAY: Mwahh~ [laughs]

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