It’s Move-In Day For The World’s Top Footballers | The Champions S1E1

It’s Move-In Day For The World’s Top Footballers | The Champions S1E1

What happens when 800 of the world’s most elite footballers… and their managers live together under one roof? Players stop being polite… and start getting Re-al. This is… The Champions. Some say I’m the best in the world… I agree with them. I’m Lionel Messi. I let my football speak for itself… I should have played for the Spanish team. Say your name! Kevin. People said I couldn’t carry Egypt… They were right. So today is arrival day, and I’m going to be meeting my new Juventus teammates. It’s hard because in Italy… they are very focused on image. It’s, like, all about their looks, their hair, their tan. It’s all very new to me. I’m trying to connect to the average Italian, so I bought the typical Italian car, some traditional Italian clothing, and I’ve been reading up on local politics. Leo, what’s good, my man! Happiest day of my life? When my son was born, winning my 5th Ballon d’Or, um… Neymar leaving Barcelona. OK, so I like the colors, but I would make, uh, one quick change. Hey, what are you doing? I’m improving la decoracion! That’s not an improvement Of course it is. We got further in the World Cup– Hey! You guys, this isn’t about what country we’re from. This about PSG, man. This is about Paris. This is about… France, baby. Yeah! Oh wow! Look, everybody, Mbappe brought the World Cup. Oh he’s such a prodigy, so good, so young. And he donates all his money to charity. Mbappe? I mean yeah, so he won a World Cup. He’s good. Still hasn’t won a Puskas. Still a little wide of the woodwork, eh, bruv? Man’s got jokes, eh? I do have jokes. In fact, I’ve got… I noticed some of me English mates were bickering… so I thought I’d take some of the Three Lions… to go explore the gardens. A little English bonding time, ya know? Come along, lads! I’ll lead the way! I thought you said you could take us home. I know, I can. I can. It’s right there. We just need to get over that, uh, semifinal. I mean, uh, that hill. Don’t worry…I’ve got this. I thought you said you could take us home, Harry. Oh, me leg is having a cramp. I’m having a cramp, Harry. Take me home! I’m scared, Harry! I want to go home. I tried! I didn’t ask for all this pressure. But I swear on the grave of King Richard, I gave it me all… and I’d trade in all me golden boots… and me feets and all me toes… for one more chance of making the bloody final. Aw, Harry, I’m so sorry, mate. It’s just, none of us have any idea what you just said.

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  1. I've seen 3 episodes and I liked all of em pls don't be biased like 442oons they love Messi and they hate Ronaldo

  2. Lol cavani. And di maria about mbappe. He is so good. So young. A prodigy. He s gonna donate his money to charity !! Lol

  3. Every time Trippier got the ball in the UCL Final I thought of him saying "I'm having a cramp Harry, take me home" like in this video. And then he got a cramp!

  4. 01:06 – 01:27 loved it!
    Braz-ill, Ambulinho, Number plate FLOP1819, Messi's Balon D'or helmet, Neymar rolling

  5. Anybody know a show where 4 kids (Yellow haired, Blue haired, ink haired, and green haired) go to an alien soccer field and battle them, they have their own shapes. I have been looking for this show for 3 years and still can't find it. HELP ME! ps: Initials are S.S and it's 3D animation

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