JUST DANCE 2020 NEW SONGS REACTION! (Sucker by Jonas Brothers & more!)

JUST DANCE 2020 NEW SONGS REACTION! (Sucker by Jonas Brothers & more!)

Oh, hi! you’re there? Welcome! Welcome to this new video reaction on Just Dance 2020 before you ask: no, It’s not about “Boys” Extreme by Lizzo because… why am I saying this? because maybe you’re not even aware it was Tuesday, this past Tuesday “Boys” Extreme was available in Just Dance Now and I was about to record a reaction video to it But it got taken off from Just Dance Now, like it got deleted so don’t ask, because I don’t know what happened I don’t know why it was out and then they took it back. The Just Dance Team took it back I don’t have the information. I just know it’s not available anymore And I just hope that it’s gonna be out officially again soon and for good because I didn’t get the time to see it! I was just told by my friends that it’s so amazing It’s so sassy! Sassy was the term I heard but I didn’t see the map! and I don’t wanna… I don’t want to… I don’t want to spoil myself, so… I’m just gonna wait for the official release. Anyway today, we’re here for another official reaction video of a map that came out We’re gonna begin watching the trailer announcing the “Winter Wonderland” season which was previously announced in December and now it’s happening So we’re gonna have three different songs like one per week. just before that… I said it already, thank you again for the 100k subscribers on the channel please if you’re not already subscribed don’t forget to do so and activate notifications 🙂 It’s funny how at the time I’m recording this video They did not put that video announcement on the YouTube channel It’s only in-game, from what I know Brace yourself, a magical winter gala is coming It’s a cute music “Icy bosses”? There’s a dinosaur Memory lane… Oh “Gold Dust”, finally! Have fun and keep dancing! It’s cute Is it done? Oh my god “Sucker” is a duet! and it looks so pretty! It reminds me of “One Thing” by One Direction from the five seconds I saw let’s watch this again that’s cute This “Don’t Call Me Up” thing The boots are boots, or is it like a mermaid thing? that looks like a weird outfit It’s like we have literally four seconds, not even I’m not surprised like “oh my god “Don’t Call Me Out” by Mabel is coming to the game Because: 1 – It was already announced like weeks ago, I think and 2 – I don’t know the song This is… This is the background of Momoland! of “Bboom Bboom”! It looks exactly the same I swear! I mean… “Bboom Bboom” is what we call in the Just Dance World a “beta” Because it never came out officially, it leaked. It just looks the same to me, am I the only one with this sensation? Duet again? My god, I know players kept on complaining how there’s no duets in Just Dance 2020. I mean… from what’s coming to my mind There’s “Get Busy” with 2 girls, but we don’t have that classic male/female duet Name a duet from Just Dance 2020 of a guy and a girl dancing together! There is none! Literally there’s none I think there’s none or a shitty one And please don’t come to me with “Can Can” “Can Can” no no, no. No, this is this is hell This is not a duet. This is hell. Avatars… you have to play a lot on the World Dance Floor the only pain of the World Dance Floor this year, in my opinion is that there’s no extremes, no alternates. So when you use the World Dance Floor to have a diversity and maybe train a bit It would be good to have some extremes from time to time I understood that last year, at some points, if you were unlucky and it happened to me you could have, like… Three, four, five extremes in a row which was tiring to say the least but maybe the Just Dance Team could just implement a rule for the World Dance Floor for it to not have just extreme, like one extreme after the other please Just Dance Team think about it! because we miss the extremes on the World Dance Floor, right guys? write that in the comments if you miss the extremes on the World Dance Floor as well It’s all about Steep which is another license of Ubisoft You know Steep, you played it a lot, right? Drey: Yeah that’s a good game. Everybody should go get it. Except the dino. Ah no, the dino is on a Steep thing. Drey: No, no, I think they’re all from Steep Drey: the guy from the left made me think of a crash-test dummy from “The Crew” Drey: But I don’t think there’s any feature of that, so… it’s just another Steep So it’s like they’re in Steep promotion in Just Dance I wonder if they’re gonna do Just Dance promotion in Steep? Drey: Yeah, they do. They have a snowboard with Just Dance on it. True! I remember that, when you were playing you put it on your character Memory lane with its classic. Okay, so “Gold Dust” I know it It’s really good, even though it’s a bit tiring, but it’s really awesome “Satellite” I don’t really remember it It was never part of my classics and “Here Comes The Hotstepper” From what I remember from it, it was so tiring and a bit stupid, but this is about the Rabbits, so it makes sense. What is the song you’re most excited to play? Tell me that in the comments. I want to see if “Gold Dust” is there or not. Yes it’s there! Okay, “Gold Dust” is there. from what game is it? Just Dance 4, ok. Let’s discover “Sucker”! I hope I’m gonna like it. I like romantic duets, you know I missed it. And it looks so pretty Are you guys ready? You ready? Are you ready? Are you ready? Wedding? She isn’t in high heels, it’s funny Cute Yeah it’s really the romantic type There’s everything: flowers, confettis, hearts the girl is pink, the guy is blue the cliché it could look like the type of dance… Newly weds, bride and groom, would do for their first dance at a wedding you know? pretty easy Oh, it’s starting again with that? for the 3rd time… easy level cute She even have that thing on the leg Awwn, cute! It looks totally like something you would see at a wedding! I think I saw she has that… the French word is “jarretière” It’s a thing that the wife is wearing at her wedding and there’s a game around it, like to take it off, or something like that. Its just on one leg. Small anecdote The game is like, you… if the ladies are giving money The “jarretière” is going down. And if the men are giving money, the “jarretière” is going up so you see more of the leg of the lady… Anyway it was really cute Really simple It reminded me a bit of… I said “One Thing” but it reminded me more about “The Way” it’s been a while since we had such a cute easy choreography, so… I approve Can I say I’m gonna record this video with Hugo? It’s totally his style! Drey: It’s not! Because the guy doesn’t have a beard Hugo! You’re gonna have to get rid of your beard before recording Thank you! Alone it’s not that easy! enjoyable! I… It’s gonna be more enjoyable with a partner. See you next time for that… for that video, maybe with Hugo as I said. And in the meantime… Don’t forget to subscribe! See you soon. Thank you for watching, bye! *What is my life*

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  1. Viens du stream et on ne change pas les habitudes on saute sur la notif comme d'hab ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ la meilleure notre Queen des Dinasaurs ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. When I home from school and when I play just dance 2020 and when he saw a sucker I like scream to death
    By the way I love your channel I love your videos I love your everything O ps my favorite song and Just dance 2020 a sucker and into the unknown and seven rings

  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLZTXl_ECyU

    This is the link for you to see alternative boys, greetings from Peru

  4. Hey Dina, I really love your reaction video and your dancing was fantastic and you are an amazing dancer
    I love you Dina ❤ kisses 😘😘

  5. I think they removed "boys" extreme because the dance has got a lot of negative comments about the very female coach but I enjoy it anyway 😕

  6. Ouiiii je suis trop content !! J’ai hâte de danser sur 199 et sucker elle es facile dommage, je veu une version extrême sur touts les sons parce qu’à partir d’un moment c’est trop easy haha

  7. I think we need extremes and alternatives songs because we dance many times the same song and the difficulty is really easy…

  8. Na hora da gameplay, o que era aquilo que fazia sombra e se mexia no canto inferior direito?

    What shadow was that in the low corner at right?

  9. Rien à voir avec le sujet de ta vidéo mais je trouve que ton niveau d'anglais est vraiment au top ! Tu es totalement bilingue !

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