Kassi Ashton – Field Party (Official Music Video)

Kassi Ashton – Field Party (Official Music Video)

38 Replies to “Kassi Ashton – Field Party (Official Music Video)”

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE her music!! This is a kickass song and great to dance to! You are amazing and mad respect for how you love your fans and take time to chat💗 My favorite and top of my playlist!!

  2. Complete shit. This is the death knell for country music. What kind of fucktards listen to this shit and believe it's actual country music?

  3. Seriously? That was about the most painful three and a half minutes my ears have ever endured. If this is the direction "country" music is going in the next decade, my radio dial is definitely not gonna be moving from the "classic country" station to the new stuff very often.

  4. Whites love appropriating black culture… ESPECIALLY the black woman smdh. Can yall create yall own thang for a change? Damn….

  5. Love this song! Gives me the feels living so far away from my hometown and feeling like they all think I forgot how to be one of the locals, BUT I DIDN'T and I'M SORRY 💙☺️💙

  6. This trick ain't country. I'm sick of this new shit. Don't claim that your a country musician when you're playing trash like this.

  7. So obsessed with this song!! Literally my life anthem lol. I grew up down south and moved to New York. Always gotta show I’m the same person I was down there. Great job on this song!!! Been on repeat for days! Good luck on your journey. This needs more views. Definitely gonna share the shit
    Out of it.

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