Kyun (Official Song) Manjul Khattar | Rits | Shourya | Ye Hamara Milna | Latest Love Song 2020

Kyun (Official Song) Manjul Khattar | Rits | Shourya | Ye Hamara Milna | Latest Love Song 2020

Don’t know how many hearts are broken Just because of one condition That family will not accept the relationship! Rafia A girl who lives her life to the fullest And, I am Om
A writer Actually struggler And our terrace love story I have usually seen you writing something (chuckles) Trying to write Read something Everyone gets love over here It’s not necessary Everyone has control on luck It’s not necessary Those who make promises of dying together Are also ready to live together It’s not necessary Why do I only love you?
Can someone explain? Why I am always waiting for you? If love is written by God?
Then tell that Why it has so much pain? We will live together the promises we made Together we will change, the rituals of the world Passed through the paths, those connected with promises. Passed through the paths, those connected with promises. We are lost in the dreams
Which are left incomplete You remain in my memories
But why there is still loneliness? If you break the rituals
Distances will disappear When your head was on my shoulders
The whole world was happy & colourful Greetings uncle & aunty I want to marry your daughter. Night and day seems empty
Everything seems deserted Night and day seems empty
Everything seems deserted My family isn’t supporting our relation We need to separate My prayers and your wait
May should have some affect Why after separation
My love for you has increased? I have faith that to be with me
You are arguing with God Our meeting is not just a mere coincidence
This is God’s decision, and not a joke Son, Rafia is very ill, you do something?
– Yes Mother You don’t waste your life on Rafia She has very less time left We got to know about it too late… … she is suffering from Cancer. Now only Love can save her! Papa, Today is Mom’s Birthday?
– Hmm. Where you used to go with Mom, please take me to those places as well. Ok, Come. Papa, buy me this Dress!

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  2. sarhadin insnano k liya hain afsos ,,,,,,,,,,,, but this song is cute nice khuda kabhi kisi mohabat ko juda na karin… bohat dard hota hai.>

  3. Does a good video make a song sound better than it is? I don't think so. It was not that good of a song, honestly but you are trying for browny points with putting cancer in the mix and other things. Song is not that good sorry.

  4. Same situation mere saath bhi ho rhi h ushki engagement kahi or ho gayi hai bahut pyaar karte h hum dono alag nhi reh sakte please dua karo guys hmare liye 🙏🏻

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  6. Meri life ki story is song ne byan kr diya ,mai ek hindu ldke se pyaar krti hu…aur ye bhi pta hai ki ek din hme alg ho jana hai…mgr dil hai ki manta nhi 😭😭😭😭l love him….😘

  7. My love story is also like that I am hindu and he is Muslim our family is not accept our love so keep making like this video this video is very important to love

  8. जो ईस समय अपनी प्यारी_ प्यारी 😘आंखो से प्यारे प्यारे comment पढ रहा है 😍
    💓💓💓भगवान करे उनकी हर मुरादें पूरी हो 💕💕

  9. Plz don't recommend me this kind of song na YouTube. I just can't tk it anymore. It's a beautiful song. But I am trying to move on. It's been two years n more. He left me because I belong to a different cast. Not even different religion. Ppl who r from different gender they also can be together now. But I am here. Alone. After 7 yrs of relationship.. Now he thinks dat we should separate. Didn't even gave me a proper reason. Just stopped everything and left. Without any explanation. His parents told me it's not possible because of different cast.. Haan. Na jane kitne dil aise tute.. Phir vi India nehi badlegi kya.. Itne sare asu se.. Kya likhoge desh ki bhavishya k liye..
    It would had been better if I would had cancer too. May be then the ending for me would had changed like this..

  10. God knows when people will understand that love have no religion it is just as pure as as your faith on your God 😇❤️

  11. Hi guyz ! Super song thnks for making such meaningful song wid full of emotions people need it badly .i am regular follower of manjula nd rits songs . As a listner i wana make a request u guyz plz there is a song – mere dil ka tere dil se rishta purana hai frm koi apsa movie .is song se bht kuch juda hai aap plz isko re create kare dubara in new form full of feelings nd all .mera ek bht bada dream poora kar denge aap agar aap kar paye nd ehsaan bhi . A cryng heart request to all of u if u can accept it

  12. Kya kr rhe ho tumlog Bhai
    Ye kyu Hindu Muslim mohabbat dikha kr faltu me ladke ladkiyo ka dimag kharab kr rhe ho….ab sab gali denge mujhe PR I don't care…
    Dosti tak thik hai but vivah nhi….

  13. Lovely song..aur ye sach hai ki agar humhe kisi se pyaar hota hai toh vo iteefaq nhi hai..uske piche koi kaaran hota hi hai..❤

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