Little Kids With BIG Voices! BEST KID SINGER Auditions 2017 | Kids Talent Global

Little Kids With BIG Voices! BEST KID SINGER Auditions 2017 | Kids Talent Global

and the world is on your care
I could all feel woman to make you feel man have a maid your mind love you
but from the moment we don’t talk to line
were you no there’s nothing that I wouldn’t do
to make you feel make you feel my love how you doing good how are you alright
thank you what’s your name I’m Evy Claire Evy
Claire how are you I’m 13 okay and where you from every
year I’m from a really small town in Arizona called Florence there’s like
five prisons there and yeah and basically there’s not even a grocery
store there’s a fast food place in the high school and that’s it so what
happens if you want to buy milk we’d have to go like 30 minutes away
okay so there’s a lot of prisoners there yeah okay so tell me what else my dad
works at the prison and we have you got my choice okay yeah now
tell me why you decided to end America’s Got Talent
this year it’s just always been my dream ever since I was little and my sorry you
take your time my family um about a year ago my dad was diagnosed sorry it was
Stage four lung cancer and they gave him a five percent chance to live and he’s
still continued working and supporting our family and so tonight I’m here to
sing for him what’s the song you decided to sing
tonight I’m missing arms by Christina Perri and
tell me why you chose this only thee when my dad is having rough days then I
go to his room and I see him this song to help him feel better
and just to give him comfort and strength to continue fighting I got it I
got it maybe you’ve been really unbelievably
brave what you told us tonight now I want you just to settle yourself
for a little while okay show her all day and drink water
I need more if you good all right pretty better yes okay now this is the time I
want to hear the best vocal you’ve ever ever done got it yeah I never doubted you but you came
and you knocked me off the ground from the start but your to change my mind save my life I hope did you see did you catch it’s amazing what sweets can new love
comes Oh hello hi what is your name Angelina
green how old are you I’m 13 years old I just turned smile is infectious thank
you and I can see where you got it from because I’m looking over there you have
a gorgeous mom standing are you and your mom close very close like my best friend
oh really that’s so nice to hear so she supports everything you’re doing she’s
super supportive and what will you be doing for us today well I’ve been
singing since forever but I took it seriously when my parents got divorced
and it was really hard for me and music helped me so much now we want to see
your act good luck thank you why you look so sad
see come on let me see you through
cuz I’ve seen the time well a knife falls on you don’t know
what – nothing you can say make me love you less I’ll stand by you I’ll stand by you I really really loved what you just did
to me you feel like there is an old soul inside of that little 13 year old body
and I really really loved it and I loved it so much that I’m gonna hit the girl what’s your name my name is Angelica
here and where you from I’m from Atlanta Georgia how old are you I’m nine years
old and I just found out that I’m gonna be a big sister who do you want to be like I wanna be
the next Whitney Houston I’m so happy to be here because like
I’ve been watching your show on YouTube and now I feel like like I’m in it and
I’m like and not only are you in it you’re in it to win it
yeah go ahead Angelica win it for yourself
thank you you’re welcome you’re broken down and you can’t find
the fighter so we gonna walk it out whoo the year see you hi
how are you doing today I’m doing good what’s your name and how
old you my name is Celine and I’m nine years old this is my dream being in
America’s Got Talent so what you’re gonna be doing for us
today I’m gonna be singing oh wow have you got any brothers or sisters I
got a little sister um what’s her name her name is beyond howleen and beyond oh
really so I’m guessing your parents love Celine
deals right so when did you realize that you had a great singing voice when I was
in the car my dad’s driving and then suddenly I just sang my heart will go on
and then he was like wow I’ve been dealing song yeah we got that we’ve
worked that out Mel there’s the Celine Dion so what’s that what kind of music
do you like to listen to I like Celine Dion yeah and and what is
your big dream to be the next to be indian she’s got it this is your dream
Celine can I ask you a question what artists are you going to be singing well Selene good luck see you

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  1. 99% of kids are talented, in the meanwhile…. adults are like 60% talented, ITS SO HARD TO LIKE FIND A "worst kid talent shows" in the X factor, like wth

  2. Evie Claire's very touching opening narrative, and great salute to her father (Diagnosed with Colon Cancer).

  3. This is the first time I've seen the second young lady tell her story and sing. Thank you so much for including her.

  4. I like the father and son they singing beautifully and so close God bless you 👍❤️❤️i love you 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🌹💐🌷🌸👌👌

  5. Sorry guys, I boycott any singer coming on to the show with a sad story (half of them are not true, look it up) Simon what the fuk are you doing to your show. if that is what sells records check me out, I'm cancelling my reservation on earth you freaking idiots.

  6. Estou procurando as palavras certas para te dizer mas não consigo pensar essas palavras me desculpe só preciso de uma chance para você

  7. Isso que é força de vontade a menina fica com dois braços isso que é força a menina que não tem a voz maravilhosa muito o dom que Jeová deu para ele essa voz maravilhosa ela tá mostrando o mundo excelente semente uma força de vontade Belo capitalismo se eu fosse se eu fosse aí por favor é contratar papel gravar um CD voltar a trabalhar você é linda amei você 💟

  8. bravo to girl who use his feet for piano and she has a nice voice.shes so talented and inspiration to everyone..ur amazing kid.

  9. I'm a guy who hates crying like a toddler at this age when u almost reached ur 30s,but,mannn!! I did it ,yeah I cried when the girl started to sing her song "Arms" to comfort her dying dad with a stage 4 cancer😢😢😢😢.

  10. The 9yr old little girl, Angelica Hale I believe BLEW ME AWAY! All sweet with her little girl voice talking but damn how her voice matured instantly when she sang. AMAZING! I've always wondered if Simon continues to work with the ones that are voted off if they should have stayed. If so here is a little girl that's going places regardless of anyone's opinion. I kept skipping back to watch her over and over I was so impressed with her, at 9yrs old.

  11. all this act you put together his making me cry Beautiful songs chosen…that girl talk about her Dad she really got me…thank you!!

  12. Wow just wow I cant play the piano at all or sing and there's a girl who sings while playing piano will her feet?! Wonderful

  13. The number four singer when she came on stage her smile was so bright and beaming and her mother watching to the side that she was so proud kids never say that there parents got divorced but she had so much courage and the song rang out with so much power that her mother loves her and cares about her that it made have tears to my eyes .

  14. i think (no hate) angelica is better than celine because she sounds like a 19y/o and celine is also very talented but sometimes you could hear she's 9

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