Noah Cyrus & Lil Xan On Their Relationship & New Song “Live Or Die” | MTV VMAs 2018

– [Interviewer] Cute couple alert! – Thank you – [Interviewer] Good to see you guys! How’s it going? – Good, how ’bout you?
– Good. – So good, and so excited
about your guys’ new song. – Thank you.
– Thank you so much. – And I was talking to
Xan just this weekend. – I know I saw!
– Yeah, at the Billboards. – And it was the cutest interview ever! I was getting on my plane and I saw it, and I like literally about
had like a heart attack, I was like ah, so cute! – He said such sweet things about you. – I know! – What do you have to say about Xan, what do you love most about him? – Look at him, look at
his cute little, like, face, and his smile, and he’s the sweetest ever and treats me like a princess and when I’m hungry he gets me chicken nuggets and. – Indeed, I really do. – He really does, and he. – Any dipping sauces? – Yes, and he tells me I’m
beautiful like every five seconds of the day and he’s like
just the sweetest ever, and always cuddles with me. Actually, he didn’t cuddle yesterday. – Wait a minute. Xan, why didn’t you cuddle? What was goin’ on? – Nah, nah he’s. – Yo, yo. I gave her the nickname Coconono because she’s a koala when she
likes to cuddle, I love it. – That was smoke coming out of his mouth that whole sentence. – So romantic. – I’m Coconono, ’cause I’m a lil’ koala. – I wanna know because he
said that he met your family. What was your family’s response to him? – Okay, I wish I had my
frickin’ phone right now so you could see the texts from my mom. Like sending me screenshots of us, like, I’m obsessing over you. Too cute. And then she’ll text me
out of nowhere and be like, Xan is the cutest ever, Diego is so cute. – [Xan] Naw, that’s all you. – My dad loves him. – I feel like Miley would
be a little overprotective. How has she been with you? – When I met Miley, it
was all love, like yeah. – When you met Miley we were sleeping. – I was half asleep, yeah. – We like, literally we
go to my dad’s house, and my dad’s all about
like me getting rest because I’m so tired all the time. And so he’s like, why
don’t you guys go back in the guest room and
put on Eastbound and Down and watch TV. And so we were in there
and we’re like passed out, and then Miley and my mom walk in, and I’m like, oh, perfect timing, like you can meet my boyfriend. – Actually I woke up ’cause
she was poking my back, like duh-duh-duh, and I look around and
I’m like, oh, whoa, okay. – Meet the family!
– Yeah. I love their family, like Tish, everybody, Billy, I love ’em. – That’s so awesome. And I love it, and so you guys wrote a couple songs together, right? – We actually have like
a few songs kinda out. I mean, not out but like two.
– but gonna release. – And there’s gonna be a song
on your album, potentially, ’cause we’re really excited about you dropping your album
hopefully this year. – Well we dropped a song last night, Live or Die. Live or Die. Right now we’re like really
focused on Live or Die but we have other records that we’re doing and gonna continue doing. – [Xan] Live or Die is only the beginning. We got Please Don’t Go Away, aye. – But we don’t go away! – We got many more to come. – Do you guys have a song yet? What’s your couple song? – [Xan] Live or Die. – No, like our couple.
– [Xan] Oh, you mean. – Like a cute couple song. – Like a cute couple song? I don’t know, what would that be? (sings tune to the Lion King intro) Don’t listen to her, she don’t
know what she talkin’ ’bout. – Lion King! Simba and Nala, is that why? – I have a cat named Nala. – There you go. Awesome, well thank you guys
so much, you’re so cute! – Thank you so much, thank you so much. – So good seeing you. – Bye, baby.
– Bye, hon, have a good one.

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