Now United – Who Would Think That Love? (Official Music Video) | Reaction

Now United – Who Would Think That Love? (Official Music Video)  | Reaction

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  1. there were 5 dudes (1 in UK is still inactive in the group, so just 4 guys in most of the video) and 9 girls.
    they'll be adding 2 more members from australia and middle east soon.

  2. Aaaaa Loved this 💕

    Now react to all the other songs & the documentary

    Summer In The City has all the members in it so I would recommend that one first.

  3. They’re originally 14 members not 12. And yeah they will be adding 2 more members. That will make them 16 members soon 😂

  4. That place is my town, Cholula, Puebla in Mexico 🙂 react more of them please, especially them performances its dope

  5. It was shot in Mexico City (Puebla), it was written on the intro of the video. hehe

    They are 9 girls and 5 boys.

    Lamar – UK 🇬🇧 – inactive
    Shivani – India 🇮🇳
    Heyoon – South Korea 🇰🇷
    Joalin – Finland 🇫🇮
    Bailey – Philippines 🇵🇭
    Hina – Japan 🇯🇵
    Diarra – Senegal 🇸🇳
    Sabina – Mexico 🇲🇽
    Krystian – China 🇨🇳
    Sina – Germany 🇩🇪
    Josh – Canada 🇨🇦
    Any – Brazil 🇧🇷
    Sofya – Russia 🇷🇺
    Noah – USA 🇺🇸

    You should watch their Documentary on how they are chosen to become the member of the group and they also have some Weekly Vlogs too. Each member singers will have their own lead songs. 🙂😁🙏

    Please react also on their other Music Videos; Beautiful Life, How We Do It, All Day Sundin Ang Puso, What Are You Waiting For, Like That, Parana and Afraid Of Letting Go.

  6. That was Puebla, Mexico! Fun fact: Cinco De Mayo originated from this city. It was a battle between Mexico vs France back in 1862.

  7. ok, they are:

    Any Gabrielly from Brazil
    Noah Urrea from USA
    Josh Beauchamp from Canada
    Bailey May from Filipines
    Lamar Hype from UK
    Krystian Wang from China
    Sabina Hidalgo from Mexico
    Joalin Loukamma from Finland
    Heyoon Jeong from Korea
    Hina Yoshihara from Japan
    Sofya Plotnikova from Russia
    Shivani Paliwal from India
    Sina Deinert from Germany
    Diarra Sylla from Senegal

    the city is Puebla

    react the clipe of legends or you give me something ( this clip is a duet of Any with Lamar, he hasn't been in the group for 1 year and nobody knows why, but when they ask, they say that Lamar is still a participant and in this song, Any sings in Portuguese)

  8. I love your reaction! Thank you for reacting to NOW UNITED 🤩😍❣️ Please react to more music videos of the group

  9. The group is formed by 5 boys and 9 girls, but not always everyone is in the music videos. In Na Na Na Joalin and Lamar were missing, so there were 12 members. In WWTTL Lamar was missing, so there's only 13 members in the music video.

  10. They r in mexico!
    They are 14 members, but one of them, the UK one has personal problems so he doesn’t participate allot!!
    Oh and I love you guys hihi
    Watch ‘Summer in the city’ from Now United

  11. You guys should react to you give something by now united, there is a part in portugues and also the member lamar from the uk 🇬🇧 appears
    ❤love your videos 🇧🇷

  12. ages of Now United members:

    Any (Brazil) – 17
    Josh (Canada) – 19
    Sina (Germany) – 21
    Noah (USA) – 18
    Joalin (Finland) – 18
    Bailey (Philippines) – 17
    Sabina (México) – 20
    Heyoon (South Korea) – 23
    Krystian (China) – 19
    Diarra (Senegal) – 18
    Lamar (UK) – 20
    Sofya (Russia) – 17
    Hina (Japan) – 18
    Shivani (India) – 17

  13. React a Parana, All day, Beuatiful Life, How Do It, Legends, Crazy Stupid Silly Love, Summer in the city, Let Me Be The One, Sunday Morning, Afraid of Letting Go

  14. Group members:

    1-Josh Beauchamp from Canada he's 19 years old🇨🇦

    2-Noah Urrea from the USA he's 18 years old 🇺🇸

    3-Bailey May from the Philippines he's 17 years old🇵🇭

    4-Lamar Hype from the UK he's 19 years old🇬🇧

    5-Krystian Wang from china he's 1years old🇨🇳

    6-Shivani Palliwal from india she's 18 years old 🇮🇳

    7-Hina Yoshihara from Japan h
    She's 18 years old🇯🇵

    8-Sofya Plotnikova from Russia she's 16 years old🇷🇺

    9-Diarra Sylla from senegal she's 18 years old🇸🇳

    10-Sabina Hidalgo from Mexico she's 20 years old 🇲🇽

    11-Joalin Loukamaa from Finland she's 18 years old 🇫🇮

    12-Sina Deinert from Germany she's 20 years old 🇩🇪

    13-Any Gabrielly from Brazil she's 17 years old🇧🇷

    14-Heyoon Jeong of Korea she's 23 years old🇰🇷



    Who would think that love
    What we waiting for
    Crazy stupdy silly love
    All day
    Summer in the city
    Afraid of letting go
    Beautiful life
    Sunday mornig
    Like that
    Sunding and puso
    Live this moment
    Good intentions
    How we do it
    Le me be the one
    You give me something
    Pas le choix

  15. hi . I am from Brazil and that city of Mexico is Puebla, is a amazing country and the girl what you say what is Sabina. she is in the truth is any from Brazil.
    I liked so much of your video. success
    and like if you are from Brazil or Mexico.

  16. You have to react to Summer in the city, it was their first clip and consequently has all the members, there are 9 girls and 5 boys, but the 5th boy he is not participating in the group's activities often (nobody knows exactly why), he only appears in the clips of Summer in the city, You give me something and Crazy stupid silly love

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