100 Replies to “Oscars 2020 In Memoriam Billie Eilish Performance”

  1. Absolutely appalled by the audience
    Why not have the decency to stay quite and respect ALL of these amazing people
    You Just don’t do that
    No one should be clapping , especially pick and choosing
    I have respect for every single person that was on that screen and may they be treated well in heaven 😇🥺❤️

  2. Paul leblanc ,?,
    I ran and searched 'matt le blanc'
    I am so sad to know that his father died . Great actor great son , great father . R.I.P paul

  3. Plus… Wasn't Robert Evans on of the big shot producers who worked with everyone? They straight up SHUNNED his ass with silence.

  4. Horrid Holywood showing the public whose lives are more worthy that others to remember! What a fuckiing shit show! Hate these two faced MFers. MAKE TIME FOR ALL WHO DIED, OR NONE!

  5. Clapping is OK. Thats how we show appreciation for a performance. It's the silence that shocked me. These were the choices? But not Luke Perry or Tim Conway?

  6. Didn't even clap for Doris Day, what a shameful audience. Should not have even clapped for anyone till the end, but even still how can you just pass on Doris Day?! Oh and the director of Singing in the Rain didn't even get a clap.

  7. You're telling me Terry Jones didn't get a clap? You're all fucking clapped if you didn't clap for him jesus, only the godfather of modern comedy as you know it.

  8. Billie Ellish is so incredibly ordinary that it beggars belief that she would be on a show like this. Just nothing. Boring. A backing vocalist at best. It just shows how far modern people have fallen with their eye for talent.

  9. “Life is too short to get bogged down and be discouraged. You have to keep moving. You have to keep going.” – Kobe Bryant

  10. OMG. They are beautiful. I have been worrying for the past 12 months because my now 10 yo daughter is obsessed with Billy, because of her dark word. She and her brother are geniuses

  11. Billie Eilish is the best the way she sing the song yesterday, I don't know why I'm crying when I here this song ''yesterday‘‘ covered by Billie 😭❣️

  12. It’s so disrespectful that they didn’t mention Luke Perry. He was in Once upon a time in Hollywood and apart from that, he IS Dylan McKay. ❤️

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  14. Woah, where the FUCK, is Dick Miller and Did Haig, just because they were on the horror genre and low budget Roger Corman find, DOESNT FUCKING MEAN YOU FORGET ABOUT THEM, Fuck you Academy, Dick Miller was in Gremlins and Night of the Creeps, and Sid Haig was in Devil's Rejects and 3 From Hell, Billie Ellish could've sung just 5 more fuckin second, I don't care if I misspelled her name, bc I guess Sid Haig and Dick Miller were forgotten

  15. they shouldn’t be clapping at all in my opinion. Just pay your respects silently, you don’t clap at a funeral, do you?

  16. this is truly the most unemotional memoriam I have ever seen, hardly anyone clapping or cheering for those who they claim to love. Just a sad way to say goodbye. Next time, instead of no host, have no singer, just emotional music and people act like they are grateful to those who have passed on.

  17. Wow … how utterly disgusting that some of the dearly departed received rousing applause while others did not … a memorial should not be applauded until the very end , clapping ruins the sentiment

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  20. Great voice, too bad it has to be tempered with poor taste and bad manners…she's young…hopefully mature. Everyone does not have to be perfect, but I got the same reaction to her chosen as she gave to others at the oscars. It is your voice kid. Beautiful. Try to measure up to it.

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