peachy! – falling for you ♥ (ft. mxmtoon) (lyrics)

peachy! – falling for you ♥ (ft. mxmtoon) (lyrics)

*rad music fades in* Eh heh heh I was hangin’ with you, and then I realized I didn’t think it was true, I was surprised when I’d found out I’d fallen for you. (laa-aa-aa) I didn’t wanna believe my feelings for you I didn’t wanna believe that I could loose you if I told you just how I felt but I can’t help it I’m falling for you and I can’t quit it cause I’m stuck on you and it might be pathetic and you might be skeptical but I just want to be with you please tell me boy can you get a clue or come through cause I just want to be with you I’m scared… of telling you how I feel maybe it’s better if I just try to conceal the truth for me and for you but I’m still stuck on you oooh I- I’m still falling for you (for you) for you *rad music fades out*

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  1. Someone l know and hold dear to me had sent me this to tell me and I love them for recommending a song and for sending me the song.

  2. I miss when this song was barley known, there used to be so much aesthetic songs I loved and tiktok ruined them all:(

  3. I'm listening to this song because I have a crush and she's just so fucking pretty and I want to confess my feelings to her 😳🏳️‍🌈

  4. Here's a tip, people will like you and they probably do, shoot your shot what's the point of waiting? We are so small and insignificant so if they don't like you okay so what do something better with your life then sulk over that person, make something of your life and they may or may not come back to you. I love you 😘 and I wish you luck on your journey

  5. Sent to my bff (just friends to show how much I appreciated her) her reply:What a good song ME:WHAT THAT WAS SO THOUGHTFUL AND YOU SAY THAT OH MAH GOSH

  6. I wanted to send this to my crush but
    First,I don’t have his number since we are in 4th grade
    Second,he’s my boyfriend basically since my friends asked him if he like me

  7. ayeee this song ÒwÓ

    eeh ok

  8. all these people saying they sent this song ot thier crush n shit meanwhile the crush i got doesnt use social media so even if i wanted to send it to her i legit cant so hahaha

  9. Everybody in the comments :Imma send this to my crush
    Me: I dont have his number,he dosnt have like messenger whatsapp,his brother likes me,and he likes me too,i m too scared for the response,to Be continued 💔

  10. Everyone: My crush is my boyfriend

    Me: sigh never gonna happen even if i wish
    I look like a dying chicken k,bshazv<AVK<vckd

  11. (won't happen) if my comment gets 100 likes I will send this song to my crush. I have liked him for a rlly long time…

  12. Hendhydhdjsi
    I relate to this song on so many levels. It’s like I can’t have a guy friend without falling for them and then I try to hide it but it gets worse and I don’t want to a ruin a perfect friend ship. And I’m too scared and shy to tell anyone my feelings it doesn’t matter who it is I just can’t..

    And that’s my ted talk

  13. ive replayed this about 4 times and still cant get over how much of this reflects me like wth how do you know my life

  14. If i get 200 likes i will confess to my crush

    Btw this is not for likes

    Im doing this bc i want people to choose bc i can't make up my own mind soo……..𝗬𝗲𝗔𝗵

  15. I will never be brave enough to send this to my crush…
    But Im happy for the people who sent/sang this to crush and now are dating 😃

  16. I listen to this song during class and I just think that this is a music video and every ending is happy. It probably won’t be a happy end for me tho. ;—;

  17. My crush doesn’t speak English very well, but istg when we text we usually text in english, his english is so damn cuteee!!!! Ugh and yesterday was his bday and he sent me a 💜 thanking me for the present. My heart exploded x)

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