[SEVENTEEN] GOING SEVENTEEN 2019 EP.18 노래방탈출 #2 (Escape Singing Room #2)


] [within 10 minutes] [succeeded to escape] [However, with desperate compromising with the members] [Re-trying the escape] [Complete missions] [Sing] 내가 나의 결핍과 상처를 보듬는 것이다. [Sing] [Seeking for the last mission…] [From now, they are all in the same team] [the real room escape begins]
This is a room escape game, isn’t it? I’m sure there is something more. – The puzzle was here
– What about behind the camera? Oh, what about the PD? [Producers :?] [I don’t know what’s going on but]
Give it to me please. [Keen inference]
Oh? Did we look at the piano? [No?]
We checked the piano [sad]
Oh you did? [It should be here somewhere]
The password was so hard. Oh! [What about here…?]
Hey! Maybe! [No way…] [For real…?] [Hello]
There is a mirror. It’s a mirror. It can’t be 8 7 6 5, right? [King Arthur’s reaction]
– No way…
– There is no way! Wow! [King of reactions]
Wow that is incredible! – No way!
– This is not true [Strong denial]
Oh, its not right? [How about this?]
5 6 7 8! [They’re so gullible]
– omg!
– Hey! Dokyeom! Your reaction is so good! [Hoshi stands up, as if he is hypnotized]
What is it? this was weird from the first place [What is that?] [moving quietly] [rough drawing, anxious Go Pro, and you who are watching] Hey guys! come here! Why is the camera facing this way? [Telling everyone]
Hey Hey! The camera is facing this way! What What? [Hidden mission] – Hoshi!
– Ha? What is this? [Confused by the mission]
Is there something for real? [There is something in there]
There it is! [math problem] Who’s good at math here? [keeping quiet]
– Anyone here who majored in natural science!
– natural science? No I majored liberal arts. [Math problem] [Answer 4 questions] [And add the answers to get the password] Now then, let’s have everyone answer the question. [first question was answered in 10 seconds]
it is 12 Oh so we need to add the rest! [Doing really good with the math problems]
question 2 is also easy. We’re done with it. 673! Question 4 is 673! [There must be someone who majored natural science here / they are answering all the questions at a glance]
Number 4 is 673, is there any paper and pen? Question 1 is so easy [Don’t boast] [Natural science major] [Liberal art major] [Sports major]
Hey I don’t get question 3, shall we step back a bit? Hey let’s write down the answers first. [For sure]
Question 1 is 0 right? 12! [Timidly]
Is it 12? Sorry [Why..?] Why? Oh! it is right. [It needs to be multiplied first]
This needs to get off first. [Seungkwan is distracted by his mistake]
Oh you have to multiply first. [You fool]
I know it! I really do! I know it! I’m the smart guy here.. [Trying to change the major to natural science]
Always solve the multiplication first. [Such slovenly manner]
I know! I already knew that multiplying comes first! Hey what is question 3? [Shall I try] [Genius concept / the main character enters]
I think it is time for us to go out and show them. [Entrance]
It is time we show them our brains. [Question 3, what is X?]
That is it. [Big laughter]
– Ah the numbers are getting smaller.
– That’s right Then we should think backward. Try adding from 32. [Surprising turn of event / fool concept]
That is easy for you to say! [focused] Can you explain it while solving the question? I don’t get anything. [Fools play games too / Fool to a fool]
Oh! So question 1 is to multiply first and add [Stuck in question 3]
Have you answered question 3? Wow..what could be number 3? [Serious Hoshi enters]
Question 3 I think… [Could Hoshi?] I think it is around 100. [Poetic expression from a liberal art major] [Only question 3 is left]
378. I don’t think it is multiplying [Seungkwan]
I think I know! [Excuse me] [Will Seungkwan?] 4 8 32! 4 (multiply 3 is) 12! 48! 4 (multiply 4 is) 16! [Good with multiplication table] [You can do level 4 of multiplication table?]
– wow…
– 4.. 20, isn’t it right? 4! 7! 4! 7! – It’s 4 and 7?
– no the numbers after it… We cannot make 7 with 4. Woozi! our team’s brain! help us! [Real Brain enters]
I don’t get #3, Can you see question 3? Oh! I have a friend who majored natural science. [Don’t you think we all do?/No calling chances] [Oh] [ran into an old frined.mov] [Studying math at the karaoke / not commonly seen] [focused] [Another moment of silence] Wow, I think I got it What can I do with this genius? [Fool 1 first?]
What what? [You are fools.]
Look everyone. 3+2 is 5 [super star teacher ST]
4+8 is 12 [Teacher]
yes. [first silence] 18. [What?] [second silence (not a replay) [confirmed]
22 What is the similarity? [I am a fool too] [Don’t give up! we cannot fail just because of these questions! [Change of status/failure] [Let’s just sing] Hey Myung Ho did it! – Wow how?
– How how? [no one understood how Myung Ho discovered the answer]
Tell us how you did it! [Myung Ho has been answering the question in silence [Eventually he did it..!] [Wow, a math teacher!]
Tell us how you did it! [Rumble]
4 (multiply) 8 is 32 – Then, if you do this, this number comes out.
– That’s true! [Math is done this way]
Then, this answer comes out. So the answer is It is 168 [Explanation of question 3]
[3, what is the number that suits X?] [After maths test.mp4/finished solving the questions]
[Unlocking the lock/behind Myung Ho, there is Min Gyu] Isn’t it 3978? [There is an answer that is wrong / The lock does not open]
– It’s right
– 3978 is right. – Doesn’t it work?
– I think question 3 is wrong – Question 3?
– Yes Hey question 1 is 13! [Clear]
– Why is it 13?
– Question 1 is 12. [Surprised] [Puzzled on what is right or wrong]
I think this is right, isn’t it? [Producers]
Shall we give you 3 hints like the room escape? [yes][shift answer]
Isn’t it 3978? Don’t ask alone. [Why?]
– All are right.
– So why are you asking alone? What do you want to ask? [Ah]
So in the end the answer is wrong right? So if you ask such question, the answer is obviously a no. I think the system is broken. [Analogue locker (there is no way the system broke)] Then the lock will be fixed. [So briefly saying, Min Gyu just did his job][laugh]
If you ask such question, they will just say no you fool! [He doesn’t seem to have understood the situation]
Oh gosh you fool! [Hint given wisely]
Hey we just need to ask which question is wrong Which question is wrong? [Producers]
Question 1 and 2 are wrong Question 1 is wrong? [Unbelievable result]
Why is question 1 wrong? Question 1 is 10 isn’t it? [Explaining what Seung Kwan did not understand]
Because when there are a plus and multiplying sign, you need to do multiplying first – I know that
– But if you multiply 0, it becomes a 0 [Do not understand why they are wrong]
So if you multiply 0 it becomes 0. Then, if you subtract 1 and add others, it will become 12. Why is that wrong? -Hey! You need to only look at the bottom part! It is 2!
– Hey hey! it’s 11! [It’s wrong again?]
– Hey look
– Isn’t it right? – No, the first line and second line, they don’t have any signs
– Ah you’re right. It doesn’t have the+ sign [Anger]
Ah! the second line was a fake! It was a fake. [Explanation of question 1]
[Sign (+,-) did not exist, so the answer is 30) [Solving question 1] [Spreading the pyramid resolution] It is 30, the answer is 30. Then what is the answer to question 2? [Cynic in many ways] Good, great job members! [Except me]
You are good at math! [Now question 2 is the problem]
So question 2 is.. [Seems to be irritated]
So question 2 is wrong too? [Grasp grasp]
Question 1 and 2 are wrong. [Cool entrance] Our brain, Woozi. [A solver who uses his hands very well] [2, fill in the blank]
– Oh? This one is right
– The number is right Try doing 5^5 [Everyone was fooled by the mere fake]
5^5 is 3125 But why is it wrong? [Failure of the resolver] – It seems to be not 5^5
– There must be another way to solve this. [Gathering of maths elites [Quietly comes] [Angel Yoon, the math genius, has entered the PARTY] Hey it’s 1! Why? – It is 1!
– Just try using the square! [Anger arousing]
The square made it confusing! Wow, 5 is 1! [Explanation of question 2] [Late realization]
Oh! 5 is 1 [Cute] [Hollow]
Now let’s do the calculation fast! [Last lock opens]
0872! [Unlocking the lock][Great action]
– Ah~!
– That’s right. [Mission compensation 4: Remote control]
– Wow~ as expected!
– Wow.. [Remote control..][It’s a remote control..?]
– Look at his face
– Let’s sing. [Bragging the producers/positive Dino]
Why? Remote control is good Hey! Remote Control! [Pro of cameras]
Hey I think my head is aching because of the remote control! [Myung-Her] -No, due to the remote control, we can watch the popularity charts
– Those who didn’t sing yet, sing now! [Let’s do a singing party now!]
Sing! Those who didn’t sing yet! Sing a song! [Escaping the reality]
I think it will be faster to hack the remote control to have our score adjusted to 100. [Nothing happened] Hey this can make claps. [Name of conscious] [Escaping reality 22]
Can we not make the scores go up more? Let’s do something fun! Dance! [Dance is a bit..]
Let’s do dance! [Sounds good]
Why don’t we sing Romance Cat? [Who didn’t sing yet?]
Shall we sing Cherry Filter? Great.. Let’s do it Then let’s sing Romance Cat and Duck that flies. If it doesn’t work, we are to live here [What?] [Start the legendary songs]
Start singing! Shall we sing here? Can you bear it? [Not sure but just come out] [First time listening to Romance Cat] [Spell that makes everyone up] [Guitar] [I am the guitar] [Then drum] [Drum1, drum2, drum3] [Tambourine] [Who are you?] [When it is night, my two eyes become stars] [Dancer] [Hand that desperately wants the mic] [Is a fake you guys]
[No more~] [I shall rub the fishery shop~] [Dance of flame] [I will now go to the beach and have the nets made by the spiders] [To go and catch the fish] [I am Romance Cat] [Highest pitch of Romance Cat/3 octave] [Singing with original key][Challenging High pitch] [Failure] [Head sound] [Lip sync done with my head sound] [Challenging the original key / how is the score?] [89] It’s okay! Don’t let the scores make you down [Let’s keep this atmosphere]
– Hey let’s continue!
– We can fly! [yes yes]
Hey you are saying that Romance Cat is not enough right? [After Romance Cat] [After Romance Cat] [Cherry filter we love you/Duck] [Dino will know, Dino (You sing)] [Is it my turn..?]
[??] [For my little brother / Seungkwan doing his best..] [So fun] [Skip instrument] [I dreamed a dream, a square moon was up on the sky] [I went up the sky and talked to the moon] […?] [Who knows what this dance is?] [“Duck cannot fly” I was scolded by my mom] [Now I go to @#$…] [I wish to fly away~] [Up to the sky!] [To that sky~] [Chaotic scene] [Won Woo went down by one key] [Oh, who did this] [FEAT. WonWoo the short leg/comfortable key] [Go up to the sky~ I wish to embrace the night sky] [Like this-dream your dream with your wings open] [I fly up~] [Let us see the score] [SCORE 97] [Smooth flow/natural linkage]
– Hey it’s 97, shout out!
– Hey it’s 97! shout out! [Balloons to try for the score 97] [Preparing the performance] [Our past young days, flying along the balloon]
[Join] [We used to dream a beautiful dream~] [Ball performance] [When we fly to the sky, in my hear~] [I can remember what was beautiful]
[feeling the rhythm] [My dream when I was young~] [Dream! Dream!] [Riding a yellow balloon~] [Riding! Riding!] [Up and up high above the sky~]
[Ready for the chorus] [Mouth Chorus-King] [Sing for us][I don’t know] [All of the sudden?] [I want to run and play~] [After putting my dreams in the balloons] [Microphone toss] [The one who did not know the song] [Balloon boy ver.] [Balloon uncle ver.] [Yellow balloon] [Singing for a pretty dream] [Memories] [Even thought the time flows] [※Get ready for the high pitch] [3][2][1] [Can we put it in the yellow balloon~]
[(without the mic)] [Sudden act] [Romance comics] [giggles] [Got you little] [You caught me♡] [Seungkwan’s last spurt / attempts role playing]
[Don’t you know this?][What is it?] [(Little brother line)(Look at them go)] [Let’s do it again] [Go Seventeen!] [Perfect team work] [100/score] [Let us see the score]
[My score is] [SCORE 97] [It’s okay, let us not get depressed]
[Don’t we have another song like this?] [Dream of a square(something like this)] [INSPIRED BY producers/dreaming to escape this room]
– We should embed our hearts here
– I want to go [A song from the 90s] [Appropriate dance] [Seven’s new skill] [Wow, it’s all square] [Moved by the lyrics] [Like a child/hand by hand]
[Blue flag, white flag, put them all up] [Chaos] [It’s so fun★] [If you look around~~~ it’s all squared]
[Good at dancing] [We always hear the words from adults] [The world~] [Round][Round] [Primordial instinct] [Globe should be turned] [Stop] [Giggling] [Not soju] [Verse one failed/Square’s Dream Full ver.] [(Stares of dad)(Watching romping children)] [DK’s musical acting cue] [Anger performance cue] [Happy performance cue] [The score doesn’t appear when you cancel it]
[Ah, it doesn’t?] [Then..] [Let’s play hard] [Imitating pure voice] [Changing performance] [Vernon please hold my mic] […??] [Just really held the mic] [If you look around~~~ it’s all squared] [We always hear grown-ups always say these good sayings] [8] [Globe 2] [Hey bro] [Get my performance] [So happy] [Perfect score please] [Let us go home/ Seventeen’s dream] [The score is..?] – This time we succeeded [Score 87 points] [Denying reality] [Saying not to quail]
Don’t quail, don’t be angry! When your emotions change [Choosing song/ In this heavy air] […?] [Gotta go ..!!] [Hoshi says he will go]
-Try it! [I wanna go home before it turns twelve o’ clock] [Yoon cheong han] [Is he really doing it?] [Is he really doing it?22] [Yeah look~] [Fell in love] [Already 10:10/ Type of person who sings by stares] [Hey bro] [Didn’t practice it] [Really didn’t] [Jeonghan’s small appearnace] [Got own special sound] [Blue like painting] [Sky is already black]
[Praying for selling a million of the 3rd album] [The feeling gets deeper~ yeah] [The strange feeling that only two of us can feel] [Let’s see] [Let’s see222] [Too bad it’s already 12 o’clock] [Clockk] [Real happiness]
[How is it already 12 o’clock] [Neee] [I don’t want to send] [You] [I know how you feel it~] [Mu! sic~!] [Fit~it] [Cancels the song] We’re tired [Uh! Oh!]
[(Score) works even if we cancel it] [Sudden discussion about/ the first verse instrumental]
– We can cancel it when first verse is written.
– Doesn’t it work even when you cancel it? [Ah, then]
– You can’t just do it
– Ah, really? [Let’s sing 8282] [An age to like jumping]
– You know you can also jump to this song right?
– This song is really exciting! [Comprehending the tune/ Expert’s look] [Gather up guys] [Ballad mode] [Halo] [My feelings get more anxious and I become so sad] [What is attachment? I start missing you even after hating you] [I can’t live without you] [Gimme a] [!!!] [Give me a call] [Got it upside down] [Tambourine villain] [Drunk/ Director Choi] [Not real soju] [Never drying passion for creation]
[I love you~ I love you~ At least leave me a message] [Around hundred something-th performance]
[Don’t make me cry~] [You~][Uhuh~][Woah~~] [8282’s score is…]
[SCORE 88 points]
This time we’re gonna get it [Hahahaha~] [Very happy/to sing again] [Dino/ Let’s show our guts]
-We can do it [Dino/How we succeed]
[Okay, let’s go with rap] [Selecting rap-hiphop song]
-Do what you want to do. I barely know [Hey, should we go with Alone?] [Okay, let’s go!] [Fact: everyone has sang along at least once]
Alone [Vernon doesn’t know the song]
You can do what you want to do next [Woozi the loner] [Suggesting Woozi to join] We can get 100 points if we do rapping [The violin in the music shows!] [Good night, my baby] [Skipping the instrumental part] Is there anyone to cure my wound It gets worse if I just leave it like this [Singing along Alone]
I’m scared of love and people I’m afraid of being alone I’m afraid of getting forgotten [Show me the Heungbo/ Right before being possessed to Heungbo]
[Heungbo is awesome] [Always a loner, I close the door of my mind and I’m a fool who bears my sadness on my back] [I close my eyes and ears, locking myself in the darkness] [Jack Sparrow grabbed the key by following my spirit that wanders 365 days, all year long]
[Rapping fast] [The raging hurricane and tight waist-belt!] [What is this guy] [Out of this world energy] [Outsider 1 / Angel Yoon] [Outsider 2 / Vocal boss] [Outsider 3 / In charge for high-pitched tone] [Outsider 4 / The one who requested the song] [Real insider / Heungbo] [I’m afraid of everyday!] [M’ai! der! Someone save me!] [Stealing MIC] [DK the loner] [Enjoying loner infinitely] [Alone / The score is] [98 points] [Lacking two points]
– Rap. We have to rap rap
– Rap. We have to rap rap [Preparing for the next song]
Did you set the next song? What is this song [Okay trespass! Let’s go] [Trespass / Best friend’s song] [Shout to MONSTA X] C’mon [Can you really call this a crime!] [Why is he so worked up..] [So excited] [Go in quickly! Go in quickly!] [reverse] [Singing room / Ruling this place] [Unprepared passing of MIC] [Okay] [Professional] [Move aside] [I want to go to a karaoke with them] [calling Hoshi in a hurry] [Rushing] [Can you really tell us to stop] [Replay] [Our Hoshi] [Start clapping twice/Clap clap] [From where to where I take care of] [In my eyes everything around you is a mess] [Look carefully from now on]
[One who plays with the tones] [I like it] [How can you call this a crime!] [Preparing to sing next part] [Why aren’t you doing it?] [Knock Knock now I’m coming in] [It’s obvious that your heart will pound] [Respect] [Yeah! Let’s go!] [they ruled the stage with rap] [Hiphop team approves] [Immersing] [Fail] [Cancel] [Wahhhhhhhh!!] [Wahhaaaaaaaaa] [Feels like an award ceremony / Grand prize winner] [Seventeen’s happy moments] [Monsta X is..] [Ah, we should thank Monsta X members] [Let’s cheer for Monsta X] [I thank my muses… Jooheon, Wonho, I.M., and Shownu] [Skipping thoughts] [Getting off mic immediately / And escaping members]
Thank you~ Wow it was really tiring Trespass saved me Was this Vernon’s idea? I need to talk to him in person separately [After goodbyes / Really going home]
– Bye~
– Thank you for everything~ I’ll hit the slate one two three~ This is a real room escape.. [Escaped singing room]
[Plan: Vernon / Direct: Going / Star: Seventeen

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