Something About Monster Hunter World PART 3 ANIMATED (Loud Sound Warning) 🦅 👆

Something About Monster Hunter World PART 3 ANIMATED (Loud Sound Warning) 🦅 👆

(Fart) (Fart) (Farting) There it is! We did it! Vaal Hazak is really here! SHUT UP! (Coughing in the distance) Alright, I just, I gotta leave, okay? Jon we just started come on man Listen. LISTEN. There’s a lot to see in this life. I’m not wasting it here. EXPLOSION! Okay that’s it, the cartoon’s over. Well while I have your attention, we’re selling some sick merch. Mmmmmm you should check em out. The link is in the description. Okay bye. Man look at all those Patrons! Thank you guys so much for supporting me! What game should I do next? I was thinking about Zelda.. Or Kirby? HMMMM..

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  1. 2:00 when you’re two seconds out the womb and realize you have to spend the next twenty years getting an education

  2. “Alright, I just, I gotta leave, okay.”

    “Come on man we just started”…

    “Listen, LISTEN”
    There’s a lot to see in this life, I’m not wasting here.” But anime lions!!!

    Anime explosions!!!

  3. 1:33 I’m both proud that I was an early adopter and helped push this to absurd levels but also scared of what it has become. It’s stronger than any of us could even possibly imagine.

  4. 0:27 spongebobs house now SpongeBob is underated and not for kids and why is it in the trash god people have some taste

  5. Yes, that is where Applebees belongs. I'm guessing Taco Bell wasn't there also because it's so terrible that only Hell is an appropriate resting place for it.

  6. Ik this is old but no one talking about that secret message at the very beginning of the video

    Yo but the equal dragon weapon is dope and i wish they would bring it in game.

  7. Que carajos a la mitad jajajajajaja
    Nice animation and edition level, i rlly like it! so much information to the brain each seccond haha.

  8. Terminal! Terminal! I only got Monster Hunter recently, so all of these jokes just flew over my head the first few times, but I get them now!!! I understanddddd

    Also, Vaal Hazak is probably the coolest elder dragon I’ve seen so far. Kushala Daora can die in a fire. I haven’t been carted by it, but yeah, it just sucks big ol’ stinky to fight

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