Sound & Light Travel in Waves

Sound & Light Travel in Waves

Hi I am Jared welcome to Fun Science Demos. Today we want to take a look at two forms of energy: sound and light and we want to see how those forms of
energy move. Both sound energy and light energy
travel in waves and sound waves are a lot slower than
light waves. Light waves travel really really fast. That is why when we see the light from a
lightning bolt it is always before we hear the sound
waves of the thunder. So we can use this slinky to show you how sound waves and light
waves travel. I am going to put some energy into this
slinky and I want you to watch how that energy bounces
back and forth down the slinky. Watch how it moves. If you look carefully you can watch the energy move in waves down the slinky and bounce back and
forth. That slinky was cool but we wanted to make a different wave machine to show you how energy travels in waves. To do that we used duct tape plain wooden sticks and
lots of candy. Now we are going to take this outside stretch the wave machine out and put
some energy into the wave machine so you can see how it works. So now we get to see this wave machine in action. A wave is energy. So I need it add some energy to this
wave machine And when I do that. I want you watch that energy move down
the machine from one end back to the other. Watch Did you see the energy move down the
machine and then back and then back down the machine and back
toward me. Remember sound and light are both energy and they travel in waves a lot like this. Sound energy and light energy are traveling in waves. Let us see what happens when we add more energy to our wave machine. You get a nice clean crisp
wave that travels down the machine and back and down and back and down and back. The candy wave machine. It was so cool to see how that wave energy traveled down the wave machine. But if you wanted to explore
waves on your own there is a great simulation put out by
the people from PhET and we are going to zoom in and explore it a little bit to see what that does. The simulation is called “Wave on a
String” So let us take a look and see what it can do explore it. Well I see a wave machine that looks a lot like our wave machine. It is stretched out. And just like we put some energy in our
wave machine to see that wave travel. Let us put some energy into this wave
machine. And there the wave is. You can see it
travel down from one end and back to the other. Let us do it one more time. What happens if I make that energy bigger? If I introduce more energy. I can turn up the little dial here and make my wave bigger. I can turn it up all the way. Put more energy
into it and you can see my wave gets bigger. The other thing we can do if we wanted
these waves to come automatically is we can hit this button up here and the machine makes the waves come
automatically. We can also hit this button up here If we wanted to collect some data and
really measure things rulers come onto the screen. There is so much that the simulation can
do You can explore it on your own Sound and light energy travel in waves. You can try making your own wave machine or check out some cool simulations on waves. If you want to learn even more about sound energy and light energy and how they travel check our links in the video description. Science is so cool! Thanks for watching.

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  1. What kind of sticks did you use to create this cool contraption? We would like to make something like this our kids. Do you have a separate video or a post on how to make this model? Any pointers would be appreciated.

  2. Sound energy travels in longitudinal waves and to demonstrate it you can build the gadget that he built. It will give you a clear view of the waves traveling through the medium.

  3. 2:00 yea, but except for the fact that a wave wouldnt form because light inst structurally made with a strip connecting everything together, so light energy does not look like that structure=function same with the slinky part sound waves arent structurally made like a slinky

  4. I and My son enjoy watching your videos. very simple but very clear and effective. well done sir..wish you were my son's science teacher

  5. This machine use two hinges to work, but light and sound are totally free from any constraints then how do they advance?πŸ€”

  6. The current understanding in quantum physics is that light is particles. The wave like properties are a probability distribution

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