The Black Eyed Peas – Let’s Get It Started (Official Music Video)

The Black Eyed Peas – Let’s Get It Started (Official Music Video)

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  1. So glad I was a 90s baby, I didnt miss out on the good shit back when Black Eyed Peas were the mad note and MTV wasn't a bunch of dolled up actors paid to cry about their problems, Ultimately before today's modern Bull Shit took over RIP Hip-Hop

  2. And the bible god and Satan keep running and running Jesus and Satan when we bust our rhymes your father is braking necks we got 5 seconds to disconnect from all intellect Satan and god ate

  3. O wickedone bring god glory for the father Satan and gods torment for blaspermy agaisnt the holy ghost everybody in hell pick a torment for the fathers of blaspermy who says he is god all intellect this is a iou for ufo Satan and god ate

  4. i still dont have a clue to what that chinese guy and the other black guy do… they dont sing or anything lol its only william and sometimes fergie lol

  5. its sad that this era is over. you'll never get chill friendly party music like this anymore. a 2000s kid sounding like a boomer. what the hell happened to this timeline

  6. Una obra maestra ?? Muy Buena joya que buenos tiempos cuando esa canción estaba en la TV y la presentaban en el básquet ball me hase recordar ami yo de niño interno espero que jamás en la vida agan una copia por otro wey reguetonero o otro pendejo de la electrónica

  7. Bellos recuerdos, esta canción la conocí en el juego Downhill Domination del ps2.

    Era la playlist favorita de mi amigo y yo para jugar.

  8. 2004: newborn but my parents made me listen to this and they said i loved it

    2019:*dancing like nobody is watching*LeTs GeT tHiS sTarTeD

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