The Clues: Turtle | Season 3 Ep. 2 | THE MASKED SINGER

The Clues: Turtle | Season 3 Ep. 2 | THE MASKED SINGER

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  1. Wait. Pop could be refering to pop music, the surfboard could be referring to the beach, and hamburgers is idk, maybe its Ross Lynch???? And he was also on Austin on Austin and Aly.

  2. Its Jesse McCartney. The menu has many clues. He was in a singing group as a child before he was in dream street. The name of that group was sugar beats "beets". His mom's name is Ginger. The surfboard from clue set one for summerland. And his voice. Definitely him. Hoping he makes it far. ♡

  3. “act a certain way” disney and their expectations, “wanna rebel” every (almost) disney star has rebelled in some way,, it’s jesse

  4. The lunch board says Beets Jesse McCartney was a in a band called Sugar Beats and he was also on the walking dead and played in a group of pirates referring the booty clue he made on tonight's episode

  5. I really don't think it's Jesse McCartney. He mentions being judged for singing a love song but love songs are pretty much what made him famous. I think this is someone with more of a "bad boy" image.

  6. The act a certain way comment really confirms it more for me that it's Jesse. I remember in the beautiful soul up close DVD (yea I was OBSESSED okay lol) and he talked about how he really didn't like acting as much as doing music because he didn't get much say in it.

  7. I strongly believe this is Billie Joe Armstrong lead singer of Green day! Clues1- Walked our to Billy Idol. He eats hamburger. Most people don't know he stopped being a vegetarian decades ago! He Quit High, loves surfing.
    Clues2-He coached his kids soccer team photos and jersey. He threw the first pitch at the Cleveland baseball game where they gave him a Cleveland jersey. Hints holding baseball bat he holds on the clue video and the handwriting on the chalkboard matched that of Billie as well.

  8. jesse mccartney and he is an actor and played in Tinker Bell Lost Treasure (he hunts for booty) Teen Awards is the surf board and he was the voice as Leonardo in Teenage Ninja turtles


    -My favorite love song of all time.❤

  10. I think it is JC Chasez from NSYNC. Joey Fatone was the Rabbit in season 1, one of the clues was burgers and JC owns a chain of restaruants called "Fat Chasez Burger". He sounds exactly like the Turtle.

  11. It's Justin Timberlake. The surf board is a teen choice trophy. High falsetto. Pop was the name of the album and song by NSYNC.

  12. Jesse first started acting in All My Children when he was like 9, then he joined a boy band called Dream St, then went solo

  13. I thought Billie Joe Armstrong at first because of the punk rock routine making everyone only see that and mix that with the chalkboard which could've been a reference to the Simpsons who had Green Day as a celebrity cameo in the Simpsons movie

    BUT the more it goes on, the more I agree it's Jesse McCartney

  14. Jesse McCartney is so good with clues. The soda can says "Pop" and the MiB guys is cutting up stuff to make "art"= artist… Pop Artist… heyyy!!!

    But doing the Simpson's Bart writing on the black board to spell out Dream Street.. genius

  15. I don’t but I disscribe him in this package dalla dalla by ITZY because he just wants to be him and dalla means different ps I am not fluent in Korean

  16. Donnie Wahlburg.
    Clues I caught:
    First band. The dream. Cap letters on green chalk board. It says, most fizzled, and only a few moved on to….
    2nd band 'step by step" nkotb
    Surfboard teen choice award Saw 2
    Walhburgers on the grill

    And this video:
    The menu gives it away.,dover sole…Dover site of Band of Brothers invasion of france.
    Ginger Snaps… Donnie was the ginger cookie on wahlburgers holiday episode
    Passing midterms…tests in the Saw series
    Hated for being me…5 reality shows in s row.
    Wrote theme song for Donnie lives Jenny

    And why Turtle? I met the real turtle at a bar in Aspen. You know, turtle, from HBO's series Entourage. Mark snd Donnie's childhood friend portrayed in the series written about their life story. Donnie Carroll, aka Turtle (you can't have 2 Donnie's in one friend group), passed away in 2005.

    Donnie Wahlburg. For sure. Straight killing it at age 50.

  17. Dont Rave Ever At My School – Turtle
    D. R. E. A. M. S.T.
    The boy band Jesse was in. If anyone had any doubts now you literally CANT lmao

  18. All the clues obviously point to Jesse McCartney as the Turtle.
    How he said others wanted him to act a certain way, but he wanted to act his own way; a lot of Disney Channel stars faced that similar problem and Jesse McCartney was a part of Disney Channel.
    The surfboard could be a reference to his role in Summerland or the fact that he's won at the Teen Choice Awards.
    The menu with Ginger Snaps and Beets could be a reference to his mother, who's name is Ginger, and he sang with a group called the Sugar "Beats."
    The soda can with the label "Pop," is a reference to one of the music genres he sings.
    The writing on the chalkboard "Don't Rave Ever At My School – Turtle" if you look at the capitalized letters they spell "Dream ST," the boy band Jesse McCartney joined.
    And the hunting for booty is a reference to his roles from the Pirates of Central Park and Fear the Walking Dead.
    My final guess for Turtle…JESSE MCCARTNEY!

  19. Well now I have to watch this show and support my boy, Jesse. I'm going to need him to release his cover of Kiss from a Rose on Spotify though, I was not prepared for how gorgeous that was! Seriously though, been listening to that voice for the last 15 years across his various projects. I'd be stunned if it wasn't him. I hope this means his album is done and will be released this year. He was sooooo amazing at the Showbox in Seattle last year! Oooh, so excited. Good luck Jesse! #TeamTurtle

  20. Joey McIntyre is also an actor. The turtle's VOICE gives him away as being McIntyre. Then there's the "Step by Step" clue, which was the title of a New Kids song. This is JM from NKOTB. 😉

  21. "If I wanna sing a love song, I'm gonna sing a love song." Love songs are Jesse's whole MO, and both songs he sang so far WERE love songs.

  22. It's not Jesse McCarthy because the pop can the Jersey that's on the wall I looked it up and It's Montreal Canada and that's where Jordan knights family is from look it up

  23. my thing is I believe it’s Jesse, but the whole “if I’m gonna sing a love song, I’m gonna sing a love song” like he has always sung love songs. So why does he say it like that? As if he doesn’t sing love songs or people wouldn’t expect him to.

  24. Turtle is Brad Arnold from 3 Doors down, the school and chalkboard are references to the video for the song loser, and turtle says you can punish me all you want for me being myself (let me be myself) the midterms today note and dropping the plate is also from loser

  25. Joey McIntyre and Jesse McCartney were my first guesses, but could this even be Aaron Carter? Would he be able to do a show like this? The voice is amaaaazing, I'm definitely leaning towards Jesse!

  26. I think when he says "if I wanna sing a love song i'm gonna sing a love song" he is referring to Bleeding love which Disney wouldn't let him sing.

  27. I really love the turtle, he sang me and my mom’s song (say you won’t let go) and I hope he can make it far, even though it’s obvious who he is.

  28. Its probably Billie Joe Armstrong.. punk rock band, I know he like to sing a love song, surf up, nice guys finish last, Billie Joe feat collaboration. He been acting too. Perfect clues.

  29. It’s definitely Jesse McCartney. If you look at the chalkboard and what’s written it says Don’t Rave Ever At My School-Turtle. If you take the first letter of ever word it spells Dreamst. Jesse McCartney was a part of a group called Dreamstreet.

  30. “But if I want to sing a love song, I’m going to sing a love song.”

    This was one thing I remember from my teenage years lol. Jesse co-wrote “Bleeding Love” with producer/frontman of the pop rock band One Republic, Ryan Tedder. His record label, Hollywood (Disney), didn’t allow him to record the track for his own album but it became a massive hit once they handed it to Leona. Hence, the turtle was jamming out with the rock band and was stopped (though he was eventually allowed to record his own version). The six pack rings are notorious for choking turtles symbolizing Hollywood’s “artificial pop” direction was suffocating his artistic direction. I don’t think he’s with Hollywood anymore which is why they were cutting it.

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