41 Replies to “The King’s Singers – From Byrd To The Beatles”

  1. I have this DVD 🙂
    Gentelmen, You Are Brilliant!

    I know you coming to Poland in 4th of May and 1st of July, but I will be in hospital in that time 🙁 I really wanted to hear/see you live.

    Regards from Poland


  2. My surname is Monteverdi, my grandparents come from the cityt where Claudio Monteverdi lived! And also I'm gonna study composing!

  3. Someone uploaded a clip from this of Thomas Weelkes' As Vesta was from Latmos Hill descending, but the sound is messed up. I downloaded it and fixed the sound, do you want it to upload? I noticed you don't have an individual video of that one.

  4. Very good to have 1 1/2 hours of the Kings singers in one item on you tube. I am a great fan of the Kings Singers. The special choir item that the guys put together is simply amazing! Well done chaps.

  5. @fonziekj52
    Yes, your'e right… frankly speaking… I know even more guys who looks like Rowan Atkinson. But no one is singing and sounds like Stephen Connolly! Hi is a master and his bas is unforgetable!

  6. At like 25:08 I hear the bass sing like a final phrase in his part but his lips dont move?? Is this a recording

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