The Llama’s First Interview Without The Mask! | Season 3 Ep. 2 | THE MASKED SINGER

The Llama’s First Interview Without The Mask! | Season 3 Ep. 2 | THE MASKED SINGER

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  1. My whole family was………………………….

  2. Wait how old is Drew Carey? I recognize him when I watch The Price is Right long time ago when I was a teen. It seems he looks younger now?

  3. If watching this show has taught me anything, it’s that it pays to have had a Whose Line phase in high school

  4. Prediction:
    Episode 1:the robot
    Episode 2:the llama
    Prediction starts
    Episode 3:the kangaroo
    Episode 4:the taco
    Episode 5:the mouse
    Episode 6:the banana
    Episode 7:the t. Rex
    Episode 8:the astronaut
    Episode 9:the night angel
    Sort of merge:
    Episode 10:the bear
    Episode 11:the rhino
    Episode 12:the kitty
    Final 6
    Episode 13:the frog
    Episode 14:the elephant
    Episode 15:the swan
    Episode 16:miss monster🥉
    Episode 17:the white tiger🥈
    Episode 18:the turtle🏅

  5. Also really hope at one point Johnny Depp comes on this show cause you never know what he’ll come up as with his character history I WOULD LOVE THAT! ❤️❤️

  6. I am proud of myself lol, I actually guessed right on this one, from the accordion clue!! I remember years ago knowing he played one! Will probably be the only one I'll ever get lol

  7. My mom guessed right about it being Drew Carey. And when he was unmasked, my mom freaked out on the couch so much, it was almost the same energy when Donny Osmund was the Peacock. Good grief mother!

  8. I knew it was Drew Carey at the first! I always watched his show and all of his movements and voice made it so easy. Awesome guy!

  9. I thought the clues were good. Accordion. Kept mentioning a group of 4 people like whose line. Quick on his feet. He said he was spinning his wheels or something.

  10. I felt so stupid not guessing him… Honestly, I didn't know by the clues so far, but now that I know it is him I have no idea how I didn't recognise his voice.

  11. This was not just disappointing but had me thinking the vote was fixed or the voters are tone deaf and blind… we all know who should of been sent home packing both ep1 and ep2 this season…

  12. Drew Carey you were great I was so surprised that it was you thanks for not being so obvious like little Wayne and Chaka Khan

  13. “Sounds” of “Seattle” in blue and green? HUGE hint. He’s made a huge impact on Seattle’s full-90 culture.

  14. I knew it when the clues said spin the wheel and if that wasnt the clue another way to figure it out is i was big guy with big creation

  15. Definitely think the Tiger was way worse. That said, the crowd isn't voting for who they want off. They're voting for their favorite and the one with the least favorite votes is kicked off. Some people are clearly voting based on entertainment rather than singing performance. "I'll vote for the Tiger because he made me laugh".

    If the crowd was voting who they thought was the worst and the one with the most votes is kicked out then I think the Tiger would've been voted off.

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