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  1. Interesting. The documentary starts with a false rape claim from Kathleen Hanna, delivered as a "spoken word" attention-seeking tantrum in front of an audience.

    "It was the middle of the night in my house

    I don't really think I was dreaming.

    I really think something happened in that house.

    It was the middle of the night in my house.


    I am your worst nightmare come to life,

    because I'm not going to shut up!

    I'm going to tell everyone!"

    That pretty much sums up the so-called "third wave" of feminism Hanna helped launch: dreaming about her rape fantasy (because it's a turn-on to her) then claiming the dream was real, and shouting it to the world in order to get lots of sympathetic attention (another huge turn-on for third-wavers)

    … and if, as a result, some hapless, innocent feminist boyfriend happens to get his reputation ruined, or even gets locked up in prison, where he gets violently gang-raped by genuine criminal psychopaths, what then?

    Oh, well. Such is the price men must pay for women's liberation.

    After all, middle class white American women may have it better than almost every other demographic category in all of recorded history, but they don't have it as good as Royalty or the Billionaire class.

    It's time to demand The Royal Treatment for all RIOT GRRLS!

    riot grrls deserve nothing less!

    There must be a revolution!

    Start the riots!

    To the barricades!

    Royal Treatment on demand!

  2. When was all this happening? Sounds like middle america Getting Punk 40 years too late…..like Navarna. You wanna see a woman with real balls check out Big Mama Thornton doing hound dog before Elvis

  3. Thank you so much Kathleen for speaking about Chronic Lyme Disease! I have it. It is incredibly frightening and painful. The hell one goes through is beyond words. I am immensely grateful that you're advocating for us!

  4. Obrigada por ter postado, ainda mais pra quem legendou. O mundo, e as meninas, no geral, precisam disso. Valeu por ter tornado mais acessível! <3

  5. When I first saw this footage of Bikini Kill, I thought Kathleen Hanna was insane. I still think that but it's just so great. She got all that way and then got ill, it's terrible. Great punk, and most punk is junk.

  6. Bikini Kill did the best punk ever and Kathleen Hanna is a genius. Is this right? I wish I could have seen them play live.

  7. I really do respect her regardless of everything.
    I got tear up watching her talking about her downfall disease.
    I'm grateful that she healed well and performing again.
    Thank you Kathleen Hanna
    You're a true female rock star!!!!!!!

  8. Feminists and political artists are the epitome of the severely depressed person who feels like shit and wants the whole room to feel as bad as they do. They are killjoys. That should have been one of her bands names.

  9. Poly Styrene… The X-Ray Spex… I suggest everybody looks them up, and listens to them. Kathleen Hanna wasn't a game changer or the first. I love Bikini Kill, but this is just another example of how certain music cultures get whitewashed then acknowledged.

  10. Je suis un vieux punk, Ce nest pas de consommer de la drug, mais de marcher a contre courant, de proclammer haut et fort sa liberté. Bravo. Jai creer un morceau de musique punk quebecois. venez lecoutez si çà vous dit. Il ny a pas du tout decoute dessu ni de likes.

  11. I rejected Bikini Kill at first but boy was I wrong….this music is some of my favorite stuff in the world nowadays…big shout out to my ex-fiancé Sheera Desjardin for introducing me to the world of Kathleen Hanna and the whole beautiful Riot Grrrl Thing….this Rockumentary is a must own….she & her cohorts were game changers for sure….also big shout out to Sonic Youth, The Breeders, Kim Gordon (solo stuff post SY) & Ian Mackaye (Fugazi, Minor Threat)….BTW ~~ Her “Black Flag” Tee Rules!!!!!!!

  12. Love that Riot Grrrls shut out the press. It probably cost all the artists a lot of money but it kept their art true. Whatever part of the political spectrum you come from, if you’ve rubbed up against the alphabet media or the big papers, you know that it’s all #FakeNews.

  13. Really interesting and cool. I like her a lot. This will sound rude but: Hanna was blessed by being very good looking, strong and spirited and getting out there to be a cool indie sensation. I applaud that, and I applaud her feminist ideals. Then she marries a very rich Beastie Boy. She never has to worry about money again, as all her compatriots in Bikini Kill and Le Tigre probably do. I'm sorry about the Lyme disease, which she calls "Lyme's", as people often mistakenly do. But I don't understand why this film is about how Hanna is some sort of victim. That's the whole tone of it, that Kathleen Hanna is some victim martyr and her Lyme disease is the fault of the patriarchy or something. In the early 90s Hanna was the coolest girl in the indie rock school, she was worshipped and praised, the cool girl in a Sonic Youth video, unbelievably chic as a style icon of the day. You could not be cooler than Kathleen Hanna. Why are we supposed to feel sorry for her? She married rich, she has all of her cred intact. She's liked and admired. Compared to all the tragedies and injustices out there, I find this documentary really indulgent in that it portrays Hanna as some sort of besieged victim of the system. As she sits sipping tea at her million-dollar lake house. Seriously, it's never said how the patriarchy allegedly… what? Was she censored? Why does she play the victim in this film? She wasn't, ever, I don't understand this self-pitying thing at all.

  14. Just cleaned my whole apartment watching/listening to this. Anything kathleen does is a kick in the ass. Shes inspiring as hell

  15. I love what she says starting around 1:15:00 or 1:16:00 about how women telling the truth are always doubted. And so true about the realization that I'm going to tell the truth because other women will believe me – except that it's really just other women who've experienced the same thing. Often women who lead sheltered/lucky/close-minded lives are as unbelieving as men.

  16. Awesome. The whole time I was trying to figure out who she reminded me of – finally figured it out! Lara Flynn Boyle – anyone else see that?

  17. Ótimo documentário! Em sua parte final, é bem triste saber o real motivo por ela ter parado e isso limitava aquilo que fazia ela se sentir mais forte. Recomendo fortemente o livro "Dance of Days: Duas Décadas de Punk na Capital dos EUA" (Mark Jenkins e Mark Andersen), em especial da p. 375 em diante (Capítulo "A Revolução ao Estilo das Garotas Agora"). Neste e em outros capítulos, o livro fala muito sobre o Movimento Riot Grrrl.

    Na página 379, Hanna fala sobre sua profissão de stripper: "[…] Eu pessoalmente decidi ser uma funcionária do comércio sexual porque me sentia bem menos explorada fazendo 20 dólares por hora para ficar dançando pelada, do que recebendo 4,25 dólares por hora (para ser explorada fisicamente, psicologicamente e por várias vezes sexualmente) trabalhando como garçonete ou fritando hambúrgueres. Por que algumas feministas querem me penalizar por ter escolhido uma forma óbvia de exploração, ao invés de uma [forma] sutil, e que paga menos?".

    O livro aborda muito esse e outros assuntos que foram tratados nos anos 80 e 90, por esses movimentos de Washington D.C. e que, só agora, parecem ter entrado com mais força na discussão da sociedade em geral. Aliás, o livro tem um personagem muito importante que serve de ponte ao longo desses anos: Ian MacKaye, que aparece no início deste documentário, no spoken word (com a mão no rosto): 0:39

  18. I was around for a few of the shows covered here – a lot of the time there was anger and ridicule directed at the men who showed up to support what they seemed to feel was great music. Maybe I am naive but don't ever recall seeing women mistreated or marginalized at shows featuring mostly male performers. A lot of the anger toward men seemed confused and manufactured. I remember thinking "Yeah go for it, more power to you but what the fuck are you mad at me for? I'm 23 years old, standing in a corner, and I paid my ten bucks and I am quietly listening to the music you wrote. Why are you yelling at me? Would you rather I leave? No problem."

  19. (Using my daughters account. Too lazy to log out and in). I remember when Bikini Kill played Oxford, UK, and was really nervous about going, because I was male, due to all the press they were getting in the UK music media. They were amazing. The crowd were great and the band seemed to have a fantastic time. I plucked up the courage to talk to Kathleen after the show had finished and told her why I was nervous about going to the show. I honestly can't remember what she said to me as I was so star-strucked at the time but what I do remember is her giving me a hug as I left. I think I walked home withe biggest grin on my face that night. Kathleen is a living legend.

  20. que mulher maravilhosa ela é. avril lavigne sofreu com a mesma doença lyme. foi bom o documentario feminista e ainda deu pra treinar o inglês, obrigada por ter postado.

  21. This was great. I got chills watching her do the spoken word at the beginning….and quite frankly, she probably has zero clue as to powerful it truly is…the sentiment speaks volumes and has a deep effect on those of us that have been beaten down, marginalized, told to shut up and not listened to by society. I hope she keeps making music and performs more in the future. A vegan, raw foods diet has a TREMENDOUS effect on lyme disease, as well as taking herbs, teas, tinctures, apple cider vinegar…it can be controlled. She should do a podcast or record videos of her at home speaking her mind and playing music, something ongoing and consistent.

  22. This ain't real punk … This is spoiled pop princess b's from a girl who can't take a joke and didn't get enough attention … The feminism crap stopped in the seventies … She never went through that … Boo hoo !!!

  23. I started getting into Electroclash in the early 2000's, I was 13 and I remember discovering Le Tigre and being blown away with the artistry of the band as a whole, that motivated me to go on AOL and look up info on the band which led me to the Bikini Kill rabbit hole, that alone led me to buying a used Bikini Kill album at a record store and it was pretty awesome. Today I was bored and randomly searched for a Le Tigre documentary and I couldn't be more happier seeing this Doc on Kathleen Hannah and the Riot Girl movement.

  24. This made me wanna embrace my girlhood and also my punk side and learn more about feminism and contribute to it, i just feel a feminist bomb exploding in my heart and i love it. Long live riot grrrl, long live every single girl

  25. I didn't know Kathleen Hanna before watching this…amazing woman. As I was watching I was thinking just like with Cosey Fanni Tutti when I read about her…could only be a scorpio. And yes they both are.

  26. Toda mulher (gostando de música pop/rock ou não) deveria assistir esse documentário. Infelizmente uma das mulheres mais mulheres que eu conheço não está nesse documentário, porque teve farpas com Kat. Mas os caminhos das duas eram bem diferentes. Estou falando de Courtney love!

  27. I always love hearing about Kathleen Hanna and all those bands from the 90s. I think people don't appreciate how critical they were and nowadays they'd just written off as SJWs but what people don't realize is that back then these conversations needed to be had and to sort through what people from all different races, Creed's, sexes responded to and what they had issues with

    Carrie Brownsteins memoir "hunger makes me a modern girl" addresses this too for anyone further interested in this particular riot girl scene it's a good read

  28. I know exactly how she feels. Lyme disease forced me out of a teaching career that I loved. Four years later I am still fighting. And some days I don't want to fight anymore..

  29. If it wasnt for Bikini Kill and Kathleen Hannah… i wouldnt have the ability to put myself in other people's shoes and walk the mile necessary to treat them with respect and empathy now as an adult. So thanks ladies…
    We need more bands and revolutionists.. remember Chuck D and Public Enemy. The Dead Kennedy's. I should start a band called Corpse Kardashian and we all dress like decomposing drag queen Kardashian's. If only i jad an once of Kathleens confidence!!!

  30. The part about the rapes and sexual assaults at Woodstock 99: Idiot Fred Durst with his toxic masculinity and moronic attempts to incite trouble caused much of that I’m sure.

  31. I could careless about feminism. Does women more harm than good! But thats their decision but remember this ladies…its a 2 way street. Better get out of my way cause i dont give out excuses like most femenists do!

  32. Estou escrevendo um artigo científico sobre o papel da música para a promoção do movimento feminista, para isso irei utilizar como objetos de estudos a representatividade feminina de Aretha Franklin (Segunda Onda) e Kathleen Hanna (Terceira Onda). Sem a sua tradução e publicação do documentário, The Punk Singer, não teria sido possível fazer um retrato à altura de Hanna. Agradeço infinitamente! 😀

  33. This was a decent biography. I'm mixed on some of the points. She understood one key thing about punk, which is the kids doing it for themselves. The whole DYI ethos. She excels at that, so well done there. But this whole notion of "we're taking over" is bollocks. She totally missed a crucial point about punk, which isn't about taking over. It's about letting people in and expressing themselves. "Taking over" is a phony posturing. So, screw that and those of an authoritarian streak who think so. But, too many people get swept up in power politics and become the things they dislike. You gotta keep your shadow in check.

    I'm glad she got a solid diagnosis. It's utterly frustrating to have a condition that perplexes doctors, especially when they say "It's all in your head." Part of the problem is we put doctors on a pedestal, and we're totally dependent on them, which makes you feel out of control, but medicine is an inexact science that's learning everyday. Yes, there are times it's going to stumble and bumble through things. Still, if you take a look at the number of people who become worse off and even die due to dirty hospitals where people pick up additional infections, it's scandalous. The medical profession it literally getting away with murder in that regard. Getting that mess sorted would make life much better.

    I wish her well with her health and her endeavours.

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