91 Replies to “The Weeknd – Heartless (Official Video)”

  1. So he kissed the frog hopping for it to turn into the one for him, but in reality it the frog(girl) made him feel way worse than he already was.

  2. This video along with the song itself was so pure and entertaining..especially when he was running in the end🤭😂💯.. long live Abel👏

  3. 켄드형 전역하고나서 형 노래만들은 한국인이야 내한공연 왔을때도 갔었어 형 목소리는 진짜 존나 멋있어 그냥 목소리 자체가 명반이라 형이 하는 노래는 다 좋아 노래 좀 많이 내줘 이번 뮤비 너무 멋져

  4. I called the fire dept to report this straight fire the weekend is dropped, they were like yeah we've gotten many reports of this fire

  5. This shit trash stop doing so much coke MJ wannabe, just the thumbnail makes me want to never click on one of your videos again

  6. I’ve never listened to the weeknd before:
    Oooh amazing song!!
    After listening to his previous hits:
    Ooh this song is quite good

  7. lol 3.4 in less than a day. This man really has no competition whatsoever. In a league all by himself 🤦🏽‍♂️🔥

  8. Wassuo guys! I dropped 3 songs (one musicvideo) so it would mean the world 2 me if you would give sol honest feedback. Having so much fun with music lately! Love ❤️

  9. David Wood: what they say is not in the Koran. what she is saying in buhary. but what Bukhari says does not count. did you come up with the idea ever? the Buhary lying? because the Sunnah is forbidden in the Koran. Woe to those who write with his own hand books and say:.! They are so that they achieve a small profit from God, "Woe to you because of their intrinsically handwritten books And woe to them for the profit they thereby achieve !. Quran 2 No. 79 ,

    When they are told: "follows the revelation of God!" And they say, "we follow the traditions that have come from our fathers to us The do it despite not served their fathers of their minds and lacked the guidance Quran 2 # 170…

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