These DUTCH WORDS sound FUNNY in other languages!

These DUTCH WORDS sound FUNNY in other languages!

the verb ‘vermeerderen’ (=to increase) We have ‘merde’ in French and ‘vermeerderen’ is… You must scream it big time! The most funny word is: ‘koe’ Well, in Dutch it means: cow. In Portuguese it means: ass No, the hole of the ass. Yeah… In the Netherlands they have a lot of furry ‘koe’ ‘zwart-witte koe’ (=black and white cow) The ‘koeien’ is pretty interesting for a French person because it can mean something else in French: The balls… ‘des couilles’… So yeah, that’s interesting. I’m a teacher. I have to set up at the administration courses for each term. And the first time I was doing it I was asked for how many ‘hoorcolleges’ I was going to give. And I said: ‘well, what did I sign up for?’ This is not what I had in mind. I find adding to the end of the sentence ‘hoor’ a little bit vulgar. I try not to use it, so I use ‘toch’ or ‘echt’. But it’s very funny when you first come here and you don’t know any Dutch and you hear people saying ‘hoor’ all the time. Some words in Dutch… some bad words we pronounce the same but I cannot tell you because it’s… it would be very rude. In Polish, or …? Oh, I didn’t know. I don’t want to say it. ‘Toiletbril’ is toilet seat but if you literally translate it it’s gonna be: toilet glasses. In my language, in my mother language… ‘doei’… it’s: to blow. It’s an imperative to the word ‘to blow’. And the people normally use it when they want to say ‘go away’ ‘Дуй отсюда!’ So every time I heard ‘doei’ it sounded for me like: ‘go away’ ‘Sinterklaas’ for us… ‘shinter’ in Hungarian is very close to ‘sinter’ and that’s how we would call this person whose job is to collect the homeless dogs on the streets. So it’s very disturbing for me that when ‘Sinterklaas’ comes, I’m like oh my god this person is coming with the hook and they’re going to catch and maybe here not just the dogs but even the people. There was a survey done about the ugliest word in the English language which is: moist and to say the most beautiful in Dutch is ‘de mooiste’ So, I find that very funny every time I hear that word.. because I know that aspect of it in English. It doesn’t seem to represent what it means. When I was learning at the beginning I couldn’t understand any word so maybe I cannot get to know this language. One day I went to the class and I saw this word ‘elkaar’ (=each other) and I thought: oh my god, that’s a Basque word. I know this word and then I asked: what does it mean? And it means exactly the same thing. I was like: OK, now I can do this. This word is going to save me!

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  1. My boyfriend said that my name is a misspelling away from the Dutch word for horny. Thought he was just teasing me until I googled it. Maybe that’s why he loves saying my name when we’re being intimate lol.

  2. I was with my Dutch boyfriend and his friends in a waffle shop ordering food. I was reading the menu, and asked what "slagroom" meant. They laughed, because I pronounced it the English way, slag room… a room for slags.

  3. Een kus – (KUS) In Arabic is a street word for (vagina)… En the word (ER) means (PENIS) learning dutch sounds rude sometimes 😉

  4. I learned that ’poepen’ can mean differently in Dutch and Flemish😂😂😂

  5. I used to work as a flight attendant for Lufthasa German Airlines. My German collegues thought it very funny when we were in Schiphol and we had to be in the "bemanningsruimte"… Bemannung in German means having sex. The German word would be: "Besatzungsraum"… And also what they found funny: the dutch word bellen. Bellen in German means blaffen in Dutch.

  6. The first word that the French boy said: "vermeerderen" is funny. As a French learner, I thought the same as him "merde", which means "shit". As a Spaniard, I don't like the Dutch word "de poes", which means "the kat", because there's a word in Spanish with the same pronunciation, "pus", which means that white liquid that is in pimples. I don't know the word in English, but you might imagine what I mean for my description. Then I find the word disgusting 🤢😣. I prefer "de kat" to talk about a "cat".
    I'm sorry for not being funny. The story of other comments are very nice, but I don't know other words with a funnier meaning in my language. Maybe when I learn more Dutch, there will be more similar words.
    Regarding the Portuguese, it was really funny. We have "culo", which is "ass", but not only refering to the whole of the ass. But it is not as similar as "koe" in Dutch. 🤣😅😂

  7. Omgekeerd zijn er ook rare uitwassen: zo zijn er jongens die Kloot heten. Wordt Claude geschreven, maar enkel door Franstaligen uitgesproken met -de: klode.

  8. Please help me people if you see my comment .I'm so confused I want learn Belgium's Nederland flamish i watching those videos everyday but people tell me this vedios which you watch this Dutch and Belgium Dutch is different so where to find a chennal to watch flamish language vedios

  9. I'm also portuguese and I'm good at dutch and English, so lemme tell ya that koe is also my fav word XDD

  10. I was travelling to Haag last fall with a colleague and we were just cracking up in laughter when the train ticket machine said "volgende klant". Klant in dutch means something like customer or client, right? But in Swedish it means a clumsy person, a "screw-up", an outright insult. It would be a very rude thing to say to a customer. 🙂

  11. As Lithuanian i find word "waarom" very weird😅 waarom in Lithuanian is like: let's go!, let's do this!

  12. Why are these expats always acting so extra? I'm also foreign. Language/words sound different or mean different. All languages have this. Get over it!

  13. England: inferiority
    Germany: unterlegenheid
    Sweden: underlägsenhet
    Switzerland: underlegenhed
    Norway: underlegenhet
    Dutch: minderwaardigheidsgevoel

  14. What about those Dutch police men and woman that stop German cars and ask them to do an alcohol test?
    'Blasen bitte'

  15. Het Nederlandse woord 'Beter' wordt in het Turks exact hetzelfde geschreven. Maar, de betekenis is 180 graden anders. In Turks betekent het 'Slecht.' Uitspraak met korte e's.

    Het Nederlandse woord 'Minder' wordt in het Turks gebruikt voor een kussen op de bank.

  16. A pregnant English woman had been pretty horrified when a Dutch guy in a shop talked about 'taking the baby out of the ladycunt.'
    She asked for clarity and he gestured at the babybed he was trying to sell her (ledi-kant.)

  17. Dutch bellen: making a phone call
    German bellen: barking
    Dutch wie: who
    German wie: how
    Dutch: Wie bel je – Who are you calling.
    German: Wie bellst du – How are you barking.
    German and Dutch have a number of words that are the same or nearly the same but mean different things.
    Two more:
    Dutch: durven – to dare
    German: dürfen – to be allowed
    Dutch: mogen – to be allowed
    German: mögen – to like

  18. I fail to comprehend why TF "moist" in English is considered to be an ugly word… Really, I do! It just sounds normal and even sing-songy to me…

  19. elkaar heeft dezelfde betekenis in basque? dat is verrassend, want ik had begrepen dat basque de taal is die het meest verschild van andere europeaanse talen. (niet indo-europees van oorsprong)

  20. Alot of mistakes are being made here in terms of explaining our words in full.. and the sad thing is the maker of this interview doesn't correct them.Note : alot of behaviours and usage of words differ from city to city.So they mainly talk about the Amsterdammers here!

  21. People need to learn to pronounce the G.
    Try making radio static with your mouth. the KCH. Put the K away from it, and you'll have the general idea of how to pronounce it.

  22. @ MWdj – ELKAAR – wellicht te maken met de 80-jarige oorlog (1568-1648) En de Basken Holland in nationalistisch zin steunden (?!) en zo elkaar linguistisch hebben beïnvloed.

  23. Y'alls forgot "kont" (butt in Dutch) and "poes" (cat). Afrikaans kid here, and they have very different meanings in my language. Traumatized.

  24. ik leer al 1 jaar Nederlands hier in Belgie en mijn moedertaal is Hongaars. En ik wiste deze "sintér=Sinterklaas" niet maar zo klinkt het echt xddd oki dit was echt grappig xddd

  25. At 1:28, I think I know what word she means: Troep.
    In Dutch it means: a mess
    In Eastern European countries like Poland, Kazakhstan or Russia it means: dead people.
    Was quite funny when I asked a Russian friend to clean up the mess (troep). She looked at me quite shocked 😂

  26. Ik kwam in Oostenrijk eens een Smart autootje tegen met daarop "Hoermobil" , duidelijk voor zeer intieme klusjes…😝 , die is natuurlijk van een oorarts (de ö in hören wordt soms als oe geschreven).

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