This Song Will Make You Cry (Part 1)

This Song Will Make You Cry  (Part 1)

The city sky’s feeling dark tonight We’re back to back with our heads down Just look at me, give me more tonight Just give me more of your love now Let’s set fire to the lonely night You’re beautiful when you look at me Let’s give love another life ‘Cause you”ll be safe in these arms of mine Just call my name on the edge of the night And I’ll run to you And I’ll run to you I would run to you if you want me to Just give me some kind of reason I would take the pain, take it all away Just give it some kind of meaning Let’s go, let it be the start You know I’m feeling the same thing Let’s let go of our broken hearts ‘Cause you’ll be safe in these arms of mine Just call my name on the edge of the night And I’ll run to you I’ll run to you Even if it’s gonna break me, love Gonna make my way to you Anyway it’s gonna take me, love I run to you I run to you Run ‘Cause you’ll be safe in these arms of mine Just call my name on the edge of the night And I’ll run to you I’ll run to you Even if it’s gonna break me, love I run to you

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  2. Everybody knows me as a bubbly kid, to the point my friends dont belive me when im upset anymore so whats the point in being upset,.. right? My boyfriend hasent talked to me in lord knows how long.. I took a razor to my skin a few times… i just dont know who to go to anymore… My mom tells me how everybody loves my energy… she doesnt know alot of the time my smiles are fake. Im in theatre to help boost my confidence… which would also help me fake everything… I just dont wanna worry them anymore than they need to be.. These songs help sometimes when i just need to let it out… Im glad you make these.. Thanks..

  3. Everyone always asks this question:Why am i crying ?
    And i tell you that life could be really really Hard for humans if they have a break up, divorce, heart broken,when someone bully you and…. The worst one… Death… Everyones faces are like this ?????when they see if someone from you're family, ur loved one, even you're best friend… Dies…Im glad if i helped with this question.. And i hope i didnt make you feel uncortable?… I apoligize if i did… Just as you know everyone loves you❤️be brave, be social, be grateful, support everyone, dont be a bully it Will make you feel even more worst…be happy and never give up…You're the best?❤️?

  4. Anybody else just looking for videos that will make you cry because you forgot how to cry and you feel like you are at the bottom of the ocean?

  5. I never really thought Anne Hathaway as being really pretty, but looking at this video, her wear in glasses, long hair, medium length, then short. She really is a pretty woman.

  6. This song wasn't even sad, it didn't even make me drop a little of my tears, it's not even a sad song.
    Make A real Sad Song. The sad song was only for Love?.

  7. That other song this song will make you cry. Made me cry because mines was just like that but I'm in Freshman. People who said no than you dont know how love feels like. Even if you've been in one you still dont understand people…even if you or serious with that relationship.

  8. I'm crying this us so good and I like this boy at my school I think he likes me but I what to say I like him but I don't know

  9. I remember the time there was a girl I loved called Alicia and once I was 11 she holded my hand and she came in the middle of 5th grade the first day she randomly picked me for her Partner and at first I already liked her and she was nervous at first but together we got over it and she had to move the 3rd month I felt really sad ? I alwase pray to god that I will be able to see her again

  10. I searched this to make me cry yet I’m not crying I can’t even cry anymore or feel those pains in your chest when your hurt. And just start having tears come out I don’t get that anymore

  11. You cry
    You weep
    You beg
    It all helps

    But me
    I can’t feel
    Being betrayed, left behind, insulted, and forgotten
    I can’t cry
    I can only wait

    Waiting in loneliness
    Like what my life was meant for

    Save yourselves
    It’s to late for me

  12. The most painful day of my life. First knowing my mom is dying and there is nothing i can do but hold on whats left. 2nd knowing my first time able to love someone with my all may not be able to be with me for all the damage was done to him in the past to ever be able to receive the love and devotion from a true sincere heart……i will always run to you against your demons and make it to you. All you've got to do was reach out and never let me go. My heart will keep yours safe if only u let me.I broke my own heart loving you and took your demons along with me…..I love you Mom and i love you my Godzilla

    Now i have to pretend everything is okay and hid behind my lovely smile while all of me is breaking down. My heart hurts so deep. So unwanted and abandoned when all i wanted was you and your love. Wish my love, loyalty and devotion to you was enough and worthy…Now the house to my heart is cold and empty without you.

  13. Image this.

    The year is 2070, and you’re sitting with your pet dog because it’s the only animal known. Humans have adjusting to special breathing patterns because there is low oxygen. All the trees are gone. Every sea is polluted. The rainforests are now deserts. There’s no more animals besides dogs because they’re the only species humans cared about to get likes. The population has been cut down 60% and millions more are dying every day. Everyone is starving.

    This is our future unless we want to do something about it.

  14. Feels like wanna cry, I miss you Grant, I don’t know where’re you now and I’m here searching this sad song ?

  15. I cried not because of the song, but because of the clip.
    I want this life, I want this boy, I want this feeling…
    I want to be happy with a boy.

  16. One day..

    Someone will find this comment

    And smile…

    Because it's made for you…

    I want you to have a great day, stay strong ❤️

  17. I wonder why everyone's commenting "sad songs" "I'm crying" "this is for my depression" and I'm just here having zero feelings at this song.

  18. I heard about eartquakes in Albania and I'm crying because of those poor people so I came here to make myself cry even more

  19. My girlfreinds broke with me i saw her with another boyfreinds so i cry they hold a flower together i can't stop crying ????????????

  20. Have you ever thought that your special someone might be walking front of you, Or when you bump into someone but you don't realize maybe in the future you will be with them. This world is so amazing, It's so small…

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