Tulsi Gabbard sounds off after ripping Kamala Harris at debate

Tulsi Gabbard sounds off after ripping Kamala Harris at debate

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  1. kamela harris wouldn't lower herself to engage with tulsi gabbard..well tulsi is still in and kamela is gone with leaving dissatisfied staffers in her wake.

  2. Gabbard shredded Harris and Harris went downhill from then on. Now she's gone and good riddance. I only wish Gabbard would join the Republicans. She would be so at home with us and totally welcome.

  3. Just because she says things about other Dem's doesn't she honest. It's easy to shoot them down with to truth. It appears she'll lie throu her teeth to attack an honest opponent. I lier is a lier. We've had enough of them. If they'll lie then they most likely sold their souls & will sell our country out from underneath us as have many presidents in the past including the Bush's, Clinton's, & Obama's. By the way, does any read the Constitution? Why no fuss over the large number of candidates who don't qualify to run yet are allowed to anyway ? Does anyone recognized they are being run in order to set a precedent? To name a few, let's start now & work backwards. Hillary's marriage contract was worded that her & Bill were one in the same mean their partnership was sharing two terms in the Whitehouse & if elected would have been a third term for each of them. Obama was born in Indonesia ( yes I know & that info is wrong) & never had a BirthCertificate until he placed John Brennan as head of the CIA inorder to get a fake one created. John McCain was not born in the military hospital because his mom was a civilian contractor on the south side of the Panama canal at the time. His father was overseas elsewhere so doesn't meet the reasoning as spelled out. Willard Mitt Romney born in Mexico. Cruise born in Calgary Canada. All chosen by the Rockefeller's for the Rothchild NWO. Thankfully Ted Cruise has turned on them lately as JFK had in 63.

  4. I like Tulsi but she isn't moderate like she wants us to believe and the White House isn't the right place for her. I think she would do more good as the CEO of a nonprofit or NGO. Or helping frustrated men experience human warmth at a legal brothel in Nevada.

  5. Tulsi, when you are tired of being crapped on by the Democrats, come on over to the Republican Party. I am a Republican and Conservative, and I have NEVER donated out of my lane. But I donated to you. Wasn't much but Golly gee you would be such an asset to our Party of Conservatives. Just about everything you say sounds like a Republican. Come on over! We would love to have you.

  6. I AGREE with Gabbard on Harris and regards her lawsuit against Hillary … HOWEVER … All her motives are wrong … she is just eliminating her immediate opponents, that's all!

    FOX you give this anti-American, Socialist abortionist, who knows zero about economy or international foreign affairs, with extreme LEFTIST policies, way too much coverage. We have had enough of Fox interviewers pushing Gabbard every chance they get. Gabbard CNN and MSNBC is your friend – Stay off Fox!


    I've been following her interviews. She is INSINCERE. No to this one!!




    ALL DP candidates /nominees /politicians /speakers/former Obama administration criminals still operating today/Antifa/CNN/MSNBC …


    America's President Donald Trump God bless him and America forever!

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  7. Twas a fair interview. She has potential. Not now but in a few years. I reckon she would bodyslam the omar tliab crew out. K.A.G

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