Vocal Coach Reaction to Female Singers Best vs Worst Vocals

Vocal Coach Reaction to Female Singers Best vs Worst Vocals

Yo, what’s good tristans and tristfam. Today we’ve got female singers best versus worst vocals I love these videos because like I love seeing the range that a singer has like their worst through their best. A lot of these singers, the difference between their worst and their best isn’t that great. A lot of these singers, the worst of their best is- Ahh *brain fart* it’s har- it’s hard to defend All that being said, I am a vocal coach and I’m gonna be reviewing this video. Be sure you check my website youcansinganything.com I do teach singing lessons online every single day. Also down in the description links my vlog channel, cover channel, discord, twitch and Patreon. On that patreon I do have a reward that will help you improve your singing in both video and written format. All that being said… best versus worth worst vocals. Let’s take a listen *Music begins* Whoo Okay What is wrong that? little mix, right? She nailed that note though I’ve heard that that note is very difficult for her to sing which of course it is She really nailed that Miley Cyrus She’s great What? She’s gotten way better performances than that one That’s almost whistle range Ya, this one is a little bit Like, group wise The whole group there is much more on point Oo, those runs I’ve seen this one She took it down Why are there so many bros at this Sia concert? Oo. She wrote ‘don’t think’ on her hand. That’s amazing She’s out of breath? It’s actually rather hard to tell Especially if they’re live That’s definitely better But I suspect that that one might be lip-synched. Not because she can’t do it or anything, but like that… the first one sounded fine And sounded actually live like you’re gonna be out of breath a little bit when you’re singing and dancing Oh Melanie Martinez. I need to make a video just on her. I never heard her live. I’ve never heard her. This is cool. This is much better than the last one Oo! I gotta check more of her out. Beyonce She’s sharp! What?! Ah, I guess a little bit there. Yeah Yeah, but still come on That’s ridiculously good though Whoa! Sassy. Amazing. Wow. Oo Oh Whit… No, Mariah. I almost called her Whitney Let’s hear her slay, come on. Let’s hear her prime notes Not bad though I love the tone of her voice. Like I really do It’s really unique. Like honestly it is Much better Hopefully you liked that video. Let me know what you think about it down in the comments Also be sure you like this video, subscribe if you’re new and hit that Bell notification button and check out my website You can sing anything dot com. Until next time tristans and tristfams. Peace out.

100 Replies to “Vocal Coach Reaction to Female Singers Best vs Worst Vocals”

  1. You honestly taught me so much simply through these videos! I can hear my vocals improve after taking your advices! Thanks!! Much love to you guys 💕

  2. Fucking idiots, (not you guys).
    Mariah Carey's "worst" aint the worst, they just removed the fucking background music and echo from the mic.

  3. When you said Jesy lipsynced that part I think she didn’t because she sounds kinda breathy and she also seems to be singing faster than the usual.

  4. Most overrated musician of all time=Beyonce. Don't believe me? Keep scrolling. People feel obligated to fawn over her.

  5. To be fair, Sia was sick during her worse performance. She even said so. And the other singers were probably tired or something

  6. I feel like the only reason sia had that as worst performance was chase they had the backing track lying as well. And singing with her own voice singing in the background forced her to sing lower. If it was acoustic I'm sure itd be better. Cuz u can even see her hand move in like " oh well I thought i was gonna be able to hit that.. but"

  7. + Camilla cabellos voice is awful. Periodt. It's just bad technique. Her voice literally sounds like an autotuned cat screaming… it's painful to listen to and painful to watch idk why no one is saying nothing ab it .. it's very obvious that she has absolutely no idea how to project properly and needs to learn basic placement. Her voice is PURELY nasal and has no power whatsoever. Stop stanning trash singers. Especially when they look like an asparagus with a wig on..

  8. how was anything wrong with perrie edwards' change your life performance…… it was a small set singing acoustic so of course she wasn't gonna be belting the high E5. her head voice is amazing and she does it perfectly in this, uneducated people just seem to think of using head voice as a weak alternative to hitting high notes.

    and it's the same with jade thirlwall's one. there was virtually nothing wrong with the first clip, she sang it exactly how it is in the studio version. the second one is only deemed the better one because she embellishes the run and does something different with it. that doesn't make the first one 'bad', they're completely different attempts and interpretations of the note.
    ALSO with leigh-anne's….. she didn't do anything wrong the first time AT ALL she simply didn't attempt the entire run, just the first part. that doesn't make it a bad performance, just a different one!!!!

  9. Honestly, the difference for Mariah Carey might be vocal worth, but it might also be partially because she was singing alone the second time. Nerves can make a great singer terrible.

  10. Mariah Carey is the biggest female singer of all time she’s gonna have her bad moments lol but she’s the Queen Of vocals

  11. Unpopular opinion: if Beyonce actually made the kind of music seen in the best clip, I would actually listen to her music. She has a voice out of this world, and what does she do with it? Who run the world…. Makes me sad

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