WOW! Singer sounds the same as BOB MARLEY! | STORIES #29

I didn’t expect this. Oh man!
– No! Most participants are attended with a private army
of supporters… … but this dude is here on his own. Do you have a family? – Yes, I have children and, uh,
they ask a lot of attention Are you working as a musician or singer? – No, no, no.
I am a psychiatric nurse. So singing is a hobby to you? – Yes. A serious hobby. Yes, amazing!
– Yes, great! He’s standing there all alone!
– Yes, what a great performance man! You just sang to my heart. I think it was so incredibly beautiful. What you’re capable of…
that is something you want to show everyone, right? Do you know how many people
you inspire with your voice… … how many people believe that it is really
possible to perform here, because of you… … and that everyone will turn. The most beautiful voices belong here. And now, after this, what do you wanna do?
What are your plans? Yes, I don’t really know. I really didn’t expect this. Oh man.
– No! You’re so humble, so modest.
Not normal. Uh, yeah, again, I really didn’t expect this… … and, uh, I actually didn’t tell people to come here,
my children, … Ahhhhh….
– Why not? Because I thought, if daddy fails… – Ahhhhh. Do you know how proud they would be…
Do you know how proud they would be… I hope so. But yeah, if they see it on TV,
I’ll walk away for a little while… I’ll say, you can look together.. He’s crying on stage like a little girl.. – I’m going to tell you… … bin Laden didn’t even hide as good as you. No, but you know, if I need to tell you what
you did right… … there’s no time for that. – Ilse! Yes! – Thank you!
– Thank you! It was really touching. Thank you very much.

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