Yann Tiersen – Good Bye Lenin! | complete

Yann Tiersen – Good Bye Lenin! | complete

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100 Replies to “Yann Tiersen – Good Bye Lenin! | complete”

  1. господи. как красиво-то И главное – ритмично. Сам вспомни – куличики друг другу от голову были самими безумными идеями, а не дарить любовнц


  2. Really Beautiful stuff, but the first piece "Summer 78" I believe needs to be played more rythmically, playing it with too much "feeling" I think lessens it's impact.

  3. música muito bonita. greeting from Brazil. Mind that here we are witnessing a frail democracy to be stabbed. very little hope in better times, unfortunatelly.

  4. Cette musique est en train de m'inspirer un spectacle sur le thème de la reminiscence de l'innocence et de la liberté, puis de leur perte lors de l'introduction de la violence et de l'oppression

  5. With a quick google search it's easy to find the sheet music for a number of these songs, however I cannot find the sheet music for songs like "Dishes", "The Deutsch Mark is Coming" or "Goodbye Lenin!". I'm curious where you found these. Thanks and great playing!

  6. Hello Lenin. ….Like most of Mister T's stuff. Parfait. Absolument parfait. Merci Yann. Beautifully played boss.

  7. The piano sounds lovely. What piano is it? Listening to so much much music, my taste being wide, I find when I go the piano, I've improved just through LISTENING… Does anyone else find this when they play, it's like osmosis. If I had tots, I'd put music on for them like this, and I bet they'd be joyful….Food for the brain…

  8. Yann tiersen and her beautiful talent just perfect omg I don’t know what I can say this film is soo good intéressant about the german’s story ….😉❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. Cuanta paz transmite, si todo en la vida fuera realizado con este sentimiento el mundo sería bondadoso y amable….

  10. I think that you done a wryly good job but what I like more is the Birthday Preparation and Finding Money
    Don’t get me wrong please cause I’m not a musician I just like listening some good instrumental music and Your reproduction is good man
    Keep going

  11. Just beautiful; just got curious about this album because of the Chinese drama, Somewhere Only We Know.

  12. Je ne sais si c'est le film qui sublime cette musique ou si c'est l'inverse. Nostalgie de la DDR? Non mais nostalgie de ma jeunesse, assurément!…

  13. viva la republica democratica alemana hasta sus ultimas consecuencias, un clasico entre los clasicos…

  14. I found this in a playlist also including Philip Glass and Winged Victory for the Sullen / Nils Frahm at the 2015 Proms. Sorry Yann – I just don't think you can survive in their company. Yes, its OK for 10 minutes – but can it live with Claude Debussy or Erik Satie ? I think Glass is up there with JS Bach. Frahm and WVftS make it into good company- but Lenin is a bit wall-papery. I will try some more – but you're not for me.

  15. my favorite song from this album is mother will die. It makes me feel the love my mother even more. Life is too short. Letting someone know you love them, making them laugh, these are what make it worth living.

  16. A peaceful interlude between hearings about treasonous deeds and obscenely ridiculous denials by the nihilists in the 'R' tribe. Have to take a break occasionally to be slightly on the positive side. All of us on Utube and Facebook should solemnly pray for impeachment.

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